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Nicolas Cage Is 50

A very happy 50th to Nicolas Kim Coppola, an actor so idiosyncratic that you might assume YouTube was invented solely to host video compilations like the one above. While I have you: Is Birdy one of the most underrated movies of the last 30 years? It says here yes.


What Happens When The Bunnies Run Out?

I just realized my maybe-favorite movie of the year, Knowing, is now out on DVD! This movie is like being hit on the head repeatedly with a velvet hammer of awesome/ridiculous, as it is about a girl who maps out the evil of the future. And for once, the future is now! First, is there anything more special than a Nic Cage movie? No there is not. He cares, and he does not at all care. Second: there are bunnies. Third: I am going to watch it again, TWO TIMES.


How to Know if You're Going to See "Season of the Witch"

• Have you previously and intentionally seen at least three of the following films: Ghost Rider, Knowing, Inkheart, National Treasure: Book of Secrets or Centurion?

• Would you describe yourself as extremely bored and lonely?

• Are you wearing a shawl right now, and do you empathize overly with women in ancient times who were burned at the stake?

• Do you smoke marijuana more than twice a week on average?

• Have you had major dental surgery this morning?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions, you are actually going to see this insane Nicolas Cage Crusades-era vehicle, the highlights of which seem [...]


For The Few Who Don't OWN The Complete Works Of Nic Cage

This exists: "Cageflix is the internet's leading Nicolas-Cage-centric, batch queue management tool for Netflix. It adds all availalable DVDs of Nicolas Cage movies to your Netflix queue. It adds as many Nicolas Cage DVDs as it can (or you specify) to the end of your Netflix DVD queue. Once you close your browser, Cageflix forgets you ever existed. If you feel paranoid, you can remove Cageflix's privleges from your account settings in Netflix. Cageflix only works with available DVDs. In order to not spew Nicolas Cage titles in your Instant, DVD, and Saved queues, Cageflix omits unavailable DVDs and titles only available instantly. Sorry, Vampire's Kiss fans."