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A Q&A with a 'Daily News' Crime Reporter

For almost a decade straight, Kerry Burke has been reporting on crime for the New York Daily News, primarily homicides—or "murder and mayhem," as he tends to call it. Burke was one of the reporters featured in Bravo's short-lived 2006 reality series "Tabloid Wars," which documented how writers and editors at the Daily News manage to put a great deal of the day's activities into a newspaper that's ready for sale the next morning. It got him a good bit of attention back then; now it's 2012, and he's still at it, contributing stories from all over the city, from waiting for Beyoncé to Occupy Wall Street [...]


New York Tabs Get To The Point

I'm confused. Why didn't they just go with "WOMEN ARE WHORES"?


Newspaper Encouraged To Run Racy Photos

"Opportunity knocked, and Capri Anderson was quick to answer. Within hours of being outed as the mystery woman hiding naked in Charlie Sheen's ravaged Plaza Hotel suite, Anderson, a 22-year-old hard-core porn star moved quickly to make sure the spotlight was firmly on her…. Photos featuring the porn star, who has also used the names Christina Walsh and Alexis Capri, in various states of undress were quickly posted to her website, and the media was openly encouraged to feature them as much as possible,"


A Brief History of Daily News Editor Martin Dunn as Told by Keith Kelly

Yesterday Martin Dunn ended his seven-year tenure as Editor-in-Chief of the New York Daily News. Surprised? You wouldn't be if you'd been reading New York Post media columnist Keith Kelly, who was the first to report word of Dunn's exit. Repeatedly. Over the course of many years. Let's look back!

May 26, 2004 – NEW SNOOZE LOOKS LIKE OLD ; MASTHEAD SHIFT SHUFFLES DECK, BUT DOESN'T DEAL NEW BOSS "The deck has been shuffled at Mort Zuckerman's embattled Daily News, but there are few signs of new life at the paper. Editorial director Martin Dunn, who returned to the paper in October after several years in his native London, [...]