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The Workout Artist

On the off chance that you haven’t yet decided which unrealistically ambitious exercise regimen to undertake this winter, I’d like to make a pitch for one that might seem, initially, only a few ticks less dubious than a fat-melting jiggle machine. I speak of FOCUS T25, the latest set of workout DVD’s from Shaun T., former Mariah Carey-backup dancer and creator of both INSANITY and Hip-Hop Abs. These DVD’s aren’t just the best workouts you’ll encounter in 2014; they may—and I’m pretty sure this is not just the endorphins talking—be the best works of art you’ll encounter all year too.

For months a friend had been recommending T25 [...]


My New Year's Resolutions In Order Of How Likely They Are To Be Kept

Drink more efficiently.

Smoke a pack of cigarettes maximum each day. Okay, maybe a pack and a half on really stressy days.

Read at least one actual book a month, with the computer and other distractions shut down.

Give blood more often.


Be Your Own Year

I don't know about you, but I am tired of this New Year already, you know? Over it! And I blame Last Year and thinking about Last Year and a Look Back at Last Year and Last Year in Review. Can we just have regular time all the time now? Isn't it time to do stop doing this and start doing that? Can we just have Normal Year this year? No Rear in Review-Preview stuff? No more New and coming soon, just, now? Just, like, more days, onward in one-day increments? No more looking back? Or forward? Or anything? Can we just do stuff? Let's review 2013 now, OK? You [...]


Alex Balk's New Year's Resolution

I was walking over to The Awl offices this morning and I passed by a dad and his little boy who were walking in the opposite direction. The boy, who couldn't have been more than four or five, was jumping up and down and yelling, "School day! School day!"


How Are You Pretending You're Going To Be Better In 2012?

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? I have decided that this year, instead of coming up with a long list of things that I am unlikely to achieve, I am going to stick with one simple thing, which I will phrase in the form of a question any time someone makes me angry: "How much of my day am I going to let this asshole ruin?" The asshole in question is Choire. Kidding! It is only occasionally Choire. (Generally on Tuesdays.) But it can be anyone. What I have figured out is if you do a cost-benefit analysis of how much power you want to give to [...]


Be Prepared! Make Your New Year's Resolution Now

Every year I screw this up bad. (Except the year that I resolved to "be less nice," in emulation of a friend who successfully went with that one the year prior. That WORKS.) So I started brainstorming about my New Year's resolution last week, and I finally came up with a winner. I hereby resolve: to record an album's worth of cover versions of the very fine work of one of the world's best bands, if not the world's very best band, Slow Children. This resolution has it all: personal satisfaction, a chance to gain some new technical skills and also the benefit of not being exactly what everyone [...]