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Silly Media Billionaire

"Inside the billionaire's quixotic, costly, and strangely milquetoast foray into opinion journalism" is an article at Chris Hughes' New Republic. At.


Possible Supreme Court Hispanic Lady Mouthy, Dumb

Hopefully Barack Obama will move quickly to appoint a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter, if only to put a halt to all the whining and carping and speculating and handicapping that's going on regarding the next nominee. Case in point: this absolutely bizarre attack on Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who sits on the Second Circuit and is considered the favorite for the position because she's a Hispanic woman and Barack Obama has a secret edict to never give another white man a job again unless he works in the financial sector, in which case he's welcome to all the money he can grab. Anyway, TNR's Jeffrey [...]


Betsy McCaughey: "The Blue-State Sarah Palin"

I guess this counts as the apology for what New Republic editor Frank Foer calls the magazine's "original sin": Fifteen years after publishing her stunningly dishonest article on Bill Clinton's health care reform bill, TNR takes on Betsey McCaughey. Here's a sample.


Gay marriage lies

TNR's got a good summary by Jonathan Chait of how the arguments against same-sex marriage are all pretty much ridiculous bullshit.