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Iggy Pop And New Order, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

I mean, did you think there was a way we were gonna not post this? [Via]


New Order, "Bizarre Love Triangle"

Well, it's not like you're aging backwards either. [Via]


Band Disgruntled

Don't hold your breath waiting for a New Order reunion. Well, unless you can hold your breath for about five years or so, at which point someone is sure to pony up enough dough to get them all to share a stage together again.


10 Songs About Drugs In Ascending Order Of Their Dangerousness To People Who Use Them And Society As A Whole


Yuck, "Age Of Consent"

I would say that, after asking for a ten-word-or-less explanation of the current conditions in Syria, the number one question that people want me to settle for them—usually when I am on the street or dining in a fancy restaurant, but always when I am otherwise engaged, which makes answering a burden that I somehow manage to bear with an admirable degree of grace—is about the best New Order song. I will save you the awkwardness of having to screw up your courage to approach me: It's this one. [Via]


Destroyer, “Leave Me Alone”

It has been a predictably slow Internet today, what with everyone getting back to work and aiming for inbox zero and blah blah blah Iowa, but the day is almost done, so we're going to set you up with this pretty sweet cover of New Order's "Leave Me Alone" from Awl favorites Destroyer, which we're a little late to but whatever. We should also talk at some point about how cold it is outside but I suppose that can wait until tomorrow. [Via]


Snoop Dogg Featuring T-Pain, "Boom"

Man, classic '80s synth music is having a rough couple of days. First there was the desecration of New Order's "True Faith" by George Michael and the Autotune machine that has apparently taken control of mind and relieved him of his faculties. Now Snoop Dogg and T-Pain do something not entirely unsimilar to Yaz's "Situation." (They used Alison Moyet's wonderful bubbly laugh and everything!) "Boom" is also one of the most nonsensical videos I've ever seen. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. But, why did we go through a full minute-and-a-half of post-apocalyptic Tusken raider stuff just to get into the same club we spend most hip-hop [...]


New Order v. Shakespeare In The Park

"First In Line" goes deep with people who are first in line. In this issue: Shakespeare in the Park and New Order in Williamsburg Park.

Aaron and Chris, New Order

The Awl: Tell me about your relationship with New Order's music. How far back does it go? Do you listen to them every day, still?

Aaron: I got into them my junior year of high school, and I remember at the time I was just going through like, typical high school drama and I'd have like, a new girlfriend every month or so, and I remember their first album I bought was "Power, Corruption and Lies," and it was [...]


Record Old

New Order's debut album Movement was released 30 years ago today.


George Michael, "True Faith"

The George Michael charity cover of New Order's "True Faith"—an event highly anticipated by Apple head Steve Jobs—has arrived (or, at least, a preview of it has) and, well… I DON'T KNOW! Peter Frampton + Japan + barbiturates? It may be too soon to tell. WHAT DO YOU THINK?