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Ebola Panic in Small-Town New Jersey

The Peasant Grill in sleepy Hopewell, New Jersey, is a popular destination for hot drinks, baked confections, and sandwiches. It's usually packed during lunch hour, but it's been relatively empty since October 9th, when a black Mercedes with a woman wearing black sunglasses behind the wheel pulled up and disgorged a man, who went inside and picked up an order of soup. Some days later, the woman's name, her children's names, and the address of her home—a short drive from The Peasant Grill—appeared on posters hung on the public boards throughout downtown Princeton: HELP PROTECT OUR COMMUNITY FROM: EBOLA NBC TODAY SHOW TV CELEBRITY NANCY SNYDERMAN


State Corrupt

This is actually a surprisingly comprehensive look at the state of play in New Jersey. If you are someone who doesn't know much of this already it is the kind of thing that you should read with the pleasant awareness that you won't need to read anything else on the topic because you've put in enough work with this one.


New Jersey Governor No Longer Applauded For Shouting At People: Report

Chris Christie's scandals have so damaged his standing in New Jersey that his constituents—who once stood to cheer as the state's most powerful official mocked and berated any average citizen with the temerity to voice a difference of opinion over the governor's actions—now seem unwilling to gaze upon him with adoration as he berates and bellows at ordinary New Jerseyans attempting to voice discomfort with the direction in which things are going, reports the New York Times.


Watch Out For People From Jersey

People in the Garden State are either packing heat or riddled with mumps, so it is probably safer to avoid them either way.


Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.

As I walked through Ocean Grove, a small town just south of Asbury Park on the Jersey Shore, I felt proud of my people. Who else but my fellow childless, non-heterosexual disciples of the past would have had the patience and fortitude to sweep uninvited into this enclave of once-dilapidated Victorian masterpieces, and—undeterred by the proximity to 1) the post-war urban blight of Asbury Park and 2) the religious blight of the Methodist Church, which founded Ocean Grove in 1869 as a “camp revival” site and still owns the land on which every house sits—painstakingly refurbish every spoke and shingle? I imagined what it would be like to live in [...]


New Jersey Drinking Even Less Dignified Than Usual

If you are drinking at a TGI Friday's in Jersey you are probably better off sticking with the well brands. Also, if you are drinking at a TGI Friday's in Jersey you probably did something really, really terrible in a previous life, because that is like set-fire-to-an-orphanage karma right there. [Via]


The Water Is Full Of Doody

Back in 1987, when the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed New York's jurisdiction over the Statue of Liberty, then-mayor Ed Koch said, "The Statue of Liberty will continue to stand exactly where she has stood for 100 years—on an island belonging to the State of New York, facing us and showing another side of her personality to New Jersey." Twenty-five years later, it seems the Garden State is getting its revenge, pumping 200 million gallons of liquid doody into the Lady's maritime surroundings.


A Night at the Ostrich Races

Past the array of simulcast screens with hypnotized leather-skinned regulars clutching bettor's tickets like Blackjack hands, and beyond the families seated on long, wooden benches exchanging crumpled dollars for informal wagers, were the chariots. They were enameled and gleaming in candy apple red, cobalt blue and, pearl white. Beyond them were the tiny, darting heads of the ostriches that will pull them to glory.

The Cameltonian and Ostrich Derby is a Meadowlands Racetrack innovation, squeezed in between a few of the night's regular horse races in the hopes of attracting spectators beyond the usual racetrack diehards. The camels and ostriches come from Hedrick’s Exotic Animal Farm in Nickerson, Kansas, a [...]


This Time It's Jersey's Fault That Brooklyn Smells

Due to a brush fire in the Wharton State Park in New Jersey, residents in Staten Island & Brooklyn may smell smoke.

— NYC OEM – Notify NYC (@NotifyNYC) April 7, 2014

"The smell of smoke wafted over New York City early Monday after a brush fire broke out in a state forest in central New Jersey, authorities say. The city’s Office of Emergency Management tweeted that people in Staten Island and Brooklyn might smell smoke from a forest fire burning along 30 acres of land in Wharton State Forest, a large preserve northwest of Atlantic City. The forest is about 90 miles south [...]


Terrible Place Accurately Portrayed

"What the artists were attracted to in the Garden State wasn't horse country, hot-air balloons, Jersey tomatoes or the suburban good life. The salient words in the exhibition's handsome and readable catalog, describing what fascinated artists about the state, include 'rot,' 'numbness,' 'indifference,' 'decrepit' and 'ramshackle.' In fact, curator Kelly Baum goes so far as to say that if much of the art in her exhibition were taken 'at face value, New Jersey would seem to comprise nothing more than polluted streams, construction sites, bland suburbs, ruined landscapes, obsolete structures, depressed towns, and shuttered factories.'"


Is Man Too Fat For New Jersey Voters?

"Democrat Cory Booker, 44, is starting to resemble rotund Republican Gov. Chris Christie as he packs on the pounds while campaigning for the Senate seat vacated by the late Frank Lautenberg. The formerly fit Newark mayor, who is leading his opponent in the race by 28 percentage points, has been chowing down on far too many funnel cakes at the Jersey Shore, where he waddled down the boardwalk last week with his shirt untucked and clinging to his chest. 'I’m eating my way through New Jersey,' Booker laughed when asked by The Post yesterday about his weight gain at a street fair in East Rutherford." —Read on for the [...]


Ass-Watching Disparaged

"'I don’t know who comes to the boardwalk and says, 'Let’s go to the boardwalk and find out how many asses we can see.'" —Wildwood mayor Ernest Troiano clearly hangs out with different people than you do.


'Not Fade Away': 5 Years After 'Sopranos,' Does David Chase Still Hate People?

Amy Monaghan: Talk to me about how, as a "Sopranos" fan, you felt about the news of a David Chase movie at long last, the coming-of-age-in-Jersey film Not Fade Away, which we are here to dismantle today.

Sean Burns: Mostly I wondered what took him five years. I knew Chase had taken off to France for a while, presumably hiding from the folks with torches and pitchforks after that "Sopranos" finale. But he has such a distinctive cinematic sensibility, I thought he'd be making movies a lot sooner.

Amy: His distinctive cinematic sensibility? Remember, I'm the only person on the planet to never watch "The Sopranos." No, wait, I [...]


The Last of the New Jersey Tomatoes

It's been a rough month. In one small bright spot, there is the fact that, right now, in November, after the hurricane, after the first snow, you can eat a better-tasting tomato than you have eaten all year. (Thanks, global warming.) Over in Park Slope, Scalino on 7th Avenue and 10 Street is still serving up a "Jersey Tomato Salad," but not for long. Go today or within the next week, because the guy who runs the place told me that's as long as he'll have this particularly fantastic batch of tomatoes he gets from a farmer he knows who probably likes Bruce Springsteen.


A Night at America's Oldest Weekly Rodeo Show

America's oldest weekly rodeo show, The Cowtown Rodeo, is not in Colorado or Oklahoma or Texas, or anywhere else that most people might imagine cowboys still roam. It’s in New Jersey, past the oil refineries of Newark and Perth Amboy, beyond the reedy Raritan Bay, west of Springsteen Country and south of the Pine Barrens, just off Highway 40, in a small town called Pilesgrove. In a place like Pilesgrove, a kind of anonymously American space that is everywhere and nowhere at once—a repeating, hypnotic pattern of rolling hills, tall grass, cornfields and strip malls—you may as well be in Ohio or Missouri as in New Jersey.

Cowtown Rodeo [...]


Governor Of New Jersey, After Lowering State's Tone, Elevates His Own

"He didn't call them 'idiots.' He was respectful." —The governor of New Jersey now passes the "respectful" test by not calling hecklers "idiots." I can't wait until we set the bar so low that even a couple of "motherfuckers" don't knock it over.


Local Lodges Fail To Meet The All-Important "Will Hookers Sleep There" Metric

"Super Bowl suckers are shelling out thousands of dollars to stay in flea-bag New Jersey motels that are so horrifying hookers won’t sleep there."


The Seventies, Before New Jersey Was New Jersey

"Harlan Coben, the best-selling thriller writer, was 9 years old, another Newark refugee in Livingston, when he met Christie on a Little League field, the future governor a chunky kid in a catcher’s get-up coming toward him, saying his full name: Harlan Coben—Hi, I’m Chris Christie. 'What 9-year-old does that?' Coben said to me 42 years later. New Jersey then was barely the Jersey we know now, but by the time Christie was a teenager and a Bruce Springsteen fan of extreme emotion and attachment, the persona of the state was beginning to take hold."


No More Reason To Go To Jersey

"The culture in Hoboken is driven by reality TV now. A lot of the bars downtown are fighting with each other for who has the most giant TVs. That's what Hoboken nightlife has become." So long, Maxwell's.


Chris Christie Really Enjoying This "Insulting the Republicans" Thing

"You can’t expect to be a leader of all the people and be divisive. Someone asked me, Why did Mitt Romney lose? And I said because he got less votes than Barack Obama, that's why." —New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided to keep his new, post-Sandy personality.