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The Internet Highway Metaphor Is Dated But Let's Stick With It Anyway

"While the plan is meant to prevent data from being knowingly slowed by Internet providers, it would allow content providers to pay for a guaranteed fast lane of service. Some opponents of the plan argue that allowing some content to be sent along a fast lane would essentially discriminate against content not sent along that lane." Under the FCC's proposed new rules for internet service providers, data sent via the non-fast lane isn't slower, it's just less fast.


The Internet That Cried Apocalypse

The Internet, according to much of the Internet, is about to be ruined: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is reportedly going to propose that companies like Netflix or YouTube be legally allowed to pay Internet providers like Comcast and—will there be any other providers besides Comcast in five years?—to ensure that their stuff reaches people faster and more reliably than companies who don't pay. Death and destruction await.