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Neko Case and Calexico, "Ragtime"

You had me at "Neko Case" but if that had not been enough you would have had me at "and Calexico." This is almost too much of a good thing, but whatever, I'll take it, there is so little joy in my life these days that it would be crazy to complain about a surfeit of such. I give this five !s.


Woman Best

Isn't it great that there's a musician that almost literally everyone can agree on? From the punks to the hippies to the yuppies to the militants, from the people that buy one album a year at Starbucks to the people who buy zero albums a year through FilesTube, errybody reasonably loves Ms. Neko Case.


Let Us Now Praise Backup Singers

This clip of Neko Case performing an older song of hers is a harmonic freakshow. The gorgeous Ms. Case, awesome as usual, runs pretty far and wide with pitch, so the most amazing thing here is the backup singer, who already has an insanely hard part on paper and an even harder job on stage.


Neko Case, "Night Still Comes"

Have you ever met someone who doesn't love Neko Case? Me neither. This is probably due to the fact that she is indisputably awesome, and we all at one point or another fantasize about being her. Anyway, here she is from Fallon last night. Her new album is out now, and if you don't have it there's something wrong with you. [Via]


Random Axe, "The Hex" And 13 Other Songs About Voodoo, Juju, Mojo And Witchcraft

The video for this song from Duck Down Records' indie-rap supergroup Random Axe is good looking but sort of confusing. It takes place in a hotel, where, in one room, rapper Guilty Simpson keeps a man tied to a bed while he builds a Rube Goldberg machine with which to kill him (kind of like if OK Go were James Bond villains.) Next door, Sean Price makes anthrax powder to send to record label offices and, for some reason, decides to taste some (!) as he's concocting it. And in another room, Black Milk, who produced the track, plays poker. The coolest thing about all of [...]


Stream New Neko Case, You Reading This

Neko Case's new one is streaming here, so there is now no excuse to not listen.


Neko Case, Live in Bed

Literally the most charming thing ever? Neko Case singing a song from bed with her dog. I have two things to say about this, but they're not important and just GO WATCH, it's great. (Okay, so: 1. I have always loved Neko Case but having her on Twitter and now in videos made in bed with her dog has totally transformed the way I think about her. Previously she was distant to us—all I really knew before was that she hated piracy and was great. Now? I know when her dog shits in the truck. 2. I suspect that the reasons that Liza the enormous truck-shitting [...]