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Sexy Petraeus Scandal Vaguely Reminds America of 11-Year-War In Afghanistan

David Petraeus is snide gnome with a toupée hairstyle, and he is not even very good at winning wars—his military career can be accurately described as a draw in Iraq and total defeat in Afghanistan. As his personal scandal of marital infidelity involves ever more civilian women, shirtless FBI agents sexting those women, fellow commanders in Afghanistan, and the entire state of Florida, perhaps we will take a pause in our race for additional sleazy details to ask additional, important questions that are also about as sexy as a 60-year-old man with his pants off.


Muppets Black

Who are the blackest Muppets? The etc. may surprise you!


Waka Flocka Flame Does a Puppet Show

If you only watch one video trailer for a forthcoming issue of a magazine today (and you should only watch one video trailer for a forthcoming issue of a magazine today), let it be this: Waka Flocka Flame promoting his appearance on the cover of next month's XXL. It seems funny, a trailer for a magazine. But Waka Flocka is Waka Flocka: honest, down-to-earth and very difficult not to love. And this video ends up being a lot like the video for LCD Soundsystem's "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down." (Except with less sadness, and more immolation.) Wait till you see the trailer [...]


Weekend At Kermie's: The Muppets' Strange Life After Death

Muppet trailers are making the rounds of the Internet these days. There are a few spoofs: rom-com, superhero and heist parodies, and then the official trailer for the new movie, which promises “muppet domination” this Thanksgiving. Presumably, this domination will mean a return to the box-office and critical success of days of old. And I have to admit: it’s exciting. Anyone who remembers the Muppets remembers them fondly. If there's an anti-Muppet faction out there, they've kept quiet.

Jason Segel, the creator of the new movie, clearly shares this sense of nostalgia:

I’ve just grown a little disappointed with…all these weird concept movies. [...]


Why I Am Leaving the Muppets

From time to time, we offer our space to individuals with something to say and nowhere to say it. On the occasion of this week's release of the recent film The Muppets on DVD (a "DVD" is what they had before Netflix Instant) and the announcement that a new Muppets movie is expected soon, here is M.B. Cluckerton.

Today is my last day at Disney Muppet Global. After almost 30 years crammed in the back of Fozzie’s car—starting out as a summer intern at Fraggle Rep in Williamstown, then doing yellow-chick understudy work at Muppets Dubai—I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and salmonella-ridden as I [...]


Seriously Stuck in My Head: Muppets Do 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

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