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Coming Soon (Again): The White Guy’s Nonwhite Sidekick

If the trailers in theaters now are any sorts of indicator, 2014 isn’t going to do much for Hollywood's endless race problem. The newsflash here is that while we’ll be watching Indian and Middle Eastern characters on screen, it will be 2015 (2016? 2017? 2064?) before they’re actually, like, people, in addition to just being "diverse."

I’m thinking of three forthcoming films in particular that seem to play dangerously into the trope of white male leads possessing “ethnic” boy sidekicks: Million Dollar Arm, about a (white) agent’s search for an Indian baseball player; Bad Words, about a (white) 40-year-old spelling bee champ with a nonwhite frenemy, and Wes Anderson’s [...]


Extremely Grumpy Old Man Goes Out On A Violent Robbery Spree

"About two weeks later, on July 1, a man wearing a hat and a bandanna entered Family Loan. 'He was kind of running in and carrying a gun, and told my employees that he didn't want to kill anybody, and for them to get on the floor, and they followed his instructions,' Mr. Chamblee said. 'He asked the young lady for the cash, and she gave it to him.' The gunman ordered the three employees into a bathroom and barred the door with a chair. Then he needed to rest." -The amazing story of 63-year-old Arthur Williams, who was convicted of committing 134 crimes in the 1970s and spent [...]


Beirut, "Santa Fe," And The New Movie "Bombay Beach"

Do you like that guy Zach Condon's band Beirut? I sure do. He wrote a very nice new song recently (with especially nice horn parts, as you might expect), and played it in Norfolk, Virginia on Monday. (It's funny that a band named after city makes a song named after a different city. Beirut has done this before, though with a less famous city for the song. Some other band must have done it, too. But can't think of any other examples. Does Boston have a song called "Helsinki?" Did Berlin ever cover Seger's "Katmandu?") Oh, Beirut has a new album coming this summer, which is [...]


Why Can't America See 'The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus'?

Here is the UK trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, which, insanely, still does not have a US distributor. How can that be? We are expecting a purchase at the Toronto Film Festival next month-or you will have to go to Europe in October to see it. There are very many reasons that we are getting on the bandwagon for a US release.


Kanye Rocks Facebook HQ A Capella

Wow! Interesting things are happening at Facebook. First, the trailer for The Social Network, the movie about how Mark Zuckerberg started the website as a student at Harvard looks way, way more compelling than something with that title and subject matter seems like it would. (It stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake and was directed by David Fincher, who is most famous for making movies about serial killers, so, that's really funny!) Now, or yesterday actually, Kanye West comes to Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, stands up in front of group of employees and gives what is probably the greatest rap performance ever staged in a corporate conference room.