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'Mood Sweater' Reveals Wearer's Feelings, Such As "Utter Disregard For What Other People Think Of My Appearance"

"If you’ve ever wondered how someone is truly feeling, maybe you can convince her to don this mood-changing sweater. Embedded with sensors, the GER Mood Sweater has lights around the collar that change with the wearer’s emotions."


Nation "Extremely Grumpy," Says Poll

According to a new poll of literally hundreds of people, Americans are in a "bad mood." It's the worst mood they've collectively had in almost two years.

The poll found that if you asked people questions like "Are you in a worse mood than you were last month?" or "Do you feel great today?" people generally said they just weren't as peppy as they used to be.

"The passage of time reminds me of my aging flesh and the march of time in which I face down my much-needed dental work," said Jane Horowitz, 47, of Sampshire, LA, who is a totally random person. "Why are you [...]