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Noodles Manufactured

A thing that may disappoint you (or not, idk): Like your clothes, electronics, mass-produced groceries, culture, and cigarettes, while the variety appears to be infinite, the noodles at the vast majority of high-end ramen joints, from Momofuku to Ivan Ramen, all come from the same place.


For Just $5,950, You Can Live With The Constant Aroma Of Delicious Pork

The apartments above the East Village pork purveyor Momofuku Ssam Bar are ready for renting, and yes, they are — like every other new apartment that's come to market in this city in the past too-many years — "luxury"! Which basically means that they look like every other apartment that you might see lately, with the stainless-steel fixtures and the hardwood floors and the price tags for three-bedrooms that run from $5,950 to $7,500 (!). One hopes that the landlord takes off the protective blue plastic on the kitchen fixtures before move-in is final, but one might especially hope that the exhaust-fan system in the place is [...]


Cooking the Books: Sam Lipsyte and Ceridwen Morris Make Momofuku Pork Buns

Sam Lipsyte, the author of Home Land, whose new book is The Ask, and Ceridwen Morris, whose latest is From the Hips, were interviewed by Emily Gould. Cooking the Books is directed by Valerie Temple and shot and edited by Andrew Gauthier!