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Woman Allowed to Write Television Scripts

In a brave experiment, Molly McAleer, a biological woman who lives in Los Angeles, has been hired by showrunner Michael Patrick King for CBS' "Two Broke Girls," which was picked up by the network in mid-May, and will allegedly air between "How I Met Your Mother" and "Two and a Half Men."

The repercussions of having a woman writing TV are unknown but we expect the very worst.


A Guide To Internet People Named Molly

Surprisingly regularly, I am asked to explain "Which Molly Is Which?" This is true because there was a huge uptick in girls being named "Molly," which began in the late 60s and peaked in the late 80s. (Thanks, Ms. Ringwald; the name has shown staying power through the present day). So here, for once and for all I will tell you about the Three People Named Molly You Most Regularly Meet on The Internet.


Here Are Some Quippy Amusing Women

Awl pal Molly "Molls" McAleer has assembled a list of 20 funny ladies to follow on the Twitter. It includes Awl pals Julie Klausner and Molly Lambert, so it's probably pretty solid.


Bed Bugs: Is No One Safe?

Bed bugs are shameless. They are the pest equivalent of a party guest who comes out of the bathroom and boldly announces that they just snooped through your medicine cabinet and you're like, "No shit, asshole. You left your fingerprints everywhere." They have no boundaries. That kind of boldness is not cute in people and it's even less cute in flesh-eating creatures of the night.

It doesn't matter if you're fabulous or young or in need of a body that men want to touch, because things that lack shame don't understand the importance of all that. If you live in an area where old mattresses line the street [...]


Bedbug Victim Triumphs Over Adversity, Gets Gig

From the inbox: "Alloy Entertainment are the great minds behind the hit TV series' Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars and they are now bringing their television expertise to your computer screen with their inaugural digital series First Day. The eight-webisode comedy series revolves around a seventeen-year-old girl (Elizabeth McLaughlin) who relives her first day at a new school over and over; a modern-day Groundhog Day for today's teen audience." Oh, also? It co-stars Awl pal Molly McAleer! You should absolutely go give it some clicks or whatever you do for Internet TV. Yay Molls!


A Friendly Chat: Molly McAleer on Blogging, Auditioning, Videoing, Making It and Networking In Los Angeles

Molly McAleer has about sixty million projects going right now, and one of them is going to lead to something that is going to make her rich and famous-famous, as opposed to Internet famous. Her current renown stems in some part from the irreverent and often bonkers videos she made for Defamer, as their employee in 2008. Her current projects include: her blog (Molls She Wrote), her Twitter (Molls), her web series (The Molls Show, produced by Justine Bateman's, a reality show she is pitching with friend Chuck McCarthy (Boy Meets Blogger), guest blogging stints (including gossip blog Evil Beet), PR work for one [...]