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Today In Rap And Books

Here is a very enjoyable video of the young Brooklyn rapper Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire talking about books—it includes him reading an excerpt from his all-time favorite, Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Here is a very strange video for a song called "Flight Confirmation" that the Los Angeles producer The Alchemist made with rappers Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q—it includes some material that may not be safe for you to watch at work. Here is a very good essay written by the aphorist James Guida about four recent books written by rappers—it includes the sentence, "By now the Queensbridge duo has several albums to their name, the [...]


Liquid Liquid to Open Final LCD Soundsystem Concert At MSG in April

As much as I love LCD Soundsystem, as sure I am that their final live performance, just announced to take place on April 2nd, will be totally awesome, I'm not sure I can get myself to attend a concert with a dress code. (I know I'm being curmudgeonly here—and a Madison Garden full of everyone wearing only black and white will make for great video and photographs. But still. I'm old!) Nevertheless, the event is even more exciting in that the recently reformed art-disco-rock band Liquid Liquid will be opening the show. It's perfect.


Quelle Chris, "Another Blunt"

Herman Cain's chief of staff Mark Block has made a new campaign ad.

Just kidding. Actually, that's a new video from Detroit rapper and producer Quelle Chris, whose album Shotgun & Sleek Rifle comes out next week. The first single from album, "Symbolic (Basquiat)" came out a few weeks ago. And it's good, but not as good as its B-side, "Shotguns" (sort of a title track to the album, I guess) which features Chris's friend and frequent collaborator Danny Brown and long-toiling Long Island MC Roc Marciano.


Science Says: Nocebo Is In E-F-F-E-C-T

"Arne May's team at the University of Hamburg, Germany, applied heat to the arms of 38 volunteers over six days. Half of them were told the heat would get more intense, and they reported constant pain levels. The rest felt less pain as they got used to the sensation. The first group also had increased activity in a brain area involved in pain perception." So reports New Scientist's Jessica Hamzelou about an interesting phenomenon with an excellent name that I didn't know existed: the "nocebo effect," which, just like it sounds, "describes any case where putting someone in a negative frame of mind has an adverse effect [...]


Prodigy Released From Prison, Heading To The Russian Tea Room

The great Queens rapper Prodigy was released this morning from Marcy, New York's Mid-State Correctional Facility (where he recorded this harrowing ice-pick of a song, above, over the phone last year), having completed a three-year sentence for gun possession. According to the producer Alchemist, a frequent collaborator, Prodigy will meet Havoc, his longtime partner in the duo Mobb Deep, in a recording studio this afternoon to start work on new music. He has a book coming out, too—My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy—set for release April 19 through Simon & Schuster. He'll be reading from it at the Russian Tea [...]


Patrick Swayze, Hip-Hop Icon

Patrick Swayze was more than a giant-headed actor who knew how to dance. He was, in an interesting way, a hip-hop icon.