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The Five Nuttiest Things Mike Bloomberg Said Today So Far

"I live in one place" says @MikeBloomberg, who owns homes in London, Bermuda, Vail, Westchester, Hamptons, and Upper East Side.

— Mike Grynbaum (@grynbaum) March 30, 2012

Big day for Mayor Mike, shooting his mouth and/or foot off. Charming or wacky? Scary or fun? It's so hard to decide with him.


Very Warm Feelings Had About Mike Bloomberg!

Hey, I keep forgetting to say nice things about Mike Bloomberg! So here: this week, Mike Bloomberg is an American hero. It's handy, though, that his position on the 9/11 GROUND ZERO TERROR MOSQUE is actually a pro-business, pro-contract, pro-privacy position. ("The simple fact is, this building is private property," is what Bloomberg said about the MUSLIM 9/11 MOSQUE.) It's also an anti-landmarking position, which historically fits him well-and it dovetails perfectly with a pro-"tolerance," pro-shut-the-hell-up-non-New-Yorkers position. It was an awfully good speech! Filled with the very recent history of religious intolerance! So, I'm a little psycho, what with the constant emotional yo-yoing about the mayor, but [...]