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Frank Ocean, "Forrest Gump"

"Be clear. Frank Ocean, as part of a hip hop collective (Odd Future), will go down in history as the most high profile hip hop/R&B artist to go public with their homosexuality or bi-sexuality. In the same year that President Obama publicly supports gay marriage, and Anderson Cooper comes out of the closet, it will be really interesting to see how one of the more openly homophobic subcultures reacts to Frank’s honesty. Is his audience younger and more open-minded so it won’t phase them? Will other long-rumored gay, lesbian, or bisexual hip hop stars be inspired to make their own statements? Ironically, Frank’s crew has put out some really [...]


Cam'ron, Vado and Kid Cudi, "You're Killin' Me"

So the talk in the rap world this week is that Cam'ron and Jim Jones called radio personality/blogger Minya "Miss Info" Oh to say that they were sitting in the same car. Former best friends who led the Harlem rap crew the Diplomats to stardom in the early '00s, Cam and Jim had not been together and chummy since falling out four years ago. While fans wait for the official Dipset reunion, though, Cam has a good new song with his new protege Vado and Cleveland's favorite rapper/singer/HBO star, Kid Cudi. Interestingly, Vado disses tight blue jeans in his verse ("Wear a 34/but those skinny legs ain't fittin' [...]


Santigold, "The Keepers"

"In the video for 'The Keepers,' which Santi directed herself, she sticks to the lyrical theme of a self-destructive delusional American society…numb, insane, and creepy. The clip has shades of John Waters, David Lynch, and a whole lot of Cindy Sherman (a photographer who has spent the past 35 years taking photos of herself dressed up in various creepy costumes. I actually find her work pretty grotesque, but I respect her cojones). 'The Keepers' has everything from glo-worm jello molds, to June Cleaver blond wigs, a GZA cameo, a murdered milkman, and Santi’s signature marionnette dance moves… It’s weird and I love it." —The new Santigold video is a [...]


Jay-Z And Kanye West Take A Load Off

"Lasting about two hours, the show was an almost seamless blend of songs from 'Watch the Throne,' solo material from each rapper and songs they have shared in the past, often used as transitions. If there is any fat on hit-thick solo Jay-Z or Kanye West concerts at this point, it was excised here. They have become gifted at resisting maximalist urges. This show demonstrated how much can be accomplished with a few small decisions: as on the album, Jay-Z and Mr. West worked smart, not big. The heaviest lifting was done by cameras that seemed to encircle the stage, resulting in astonishing close-ups that captured every sweat cascade [...]