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The Big Blue Bottle Machine

There are at least two things to say with regards to Alexis Madrigal's long ode to the processes that have produced both coffee's shiniest monolith, Blue Bottle, and its newish adorable milk cartons filled with coffee, chicory, milk and sugar.

While it's only a tiny moment in the piece, Madrigal hits on precisely what has propelled Blue Bottle beyond its specialty coffee peers in the public imagination (and investors' hearts):


Politicians And Milk Prices: An Inquiry

"Should politicians know the price of a pint of milk?" Well? SHOULD THEY?


Dairy Industry Takes Ever-Growing Milk Authenticity Crisis To The Internet

The National Milk Producers Foundation is fed up at all the fake dairy products out there — your soy milks, your rice cheeses, your muscle milks. So it's starting to agitate, asking the Food & Drug Administration to limit use of the word "milk" to what they call "mammalian lacteal secretions." (Yay, human milk is in the clear!) Too bad that the FDA has been ignoring lobbies regarding this particular semantic subject since the soy industry first petitioned them to be allowed use the term "soy milk" in 1996. So the milk producers are fighting to keep it real the only way they (or their interns) know how — [...]


This Is Not a Metaphor

"Robots allow the cows to set their own hours, lining up for automated milking five or six times a day — turning the predawn and late-afternoon sessions around which dairy farmers long built their lives into a thing of the past. With transponders around their necks, the cows get individualized service. Lasers scan and map their underbellies, and a computer charts each animal’s 'milking speed,' a critical factor in a 24-hour-a-day operation. The robots also monitor the amount and quality of milk produced, the frequency of visits to the machine, how much each cow has eaten, and even the number of steps each cow has taken per day, which [...]


"Freedom Milk": The Left, the Right, the Famous and the Paranoid Band Together

The Loony Left ("John Cusack's personal chef"), the Loony Libertarians (the "Constitutional Sheriffs Association"!), religious enclaves (the Amish, of course) and the Wacky Health Nuts Who Say Hot, Poop-Covered Eggs And Stuff Cure Allergies and Cancer have all found a common ground: the government crackdown on raw milk. (Much more about the battle over raw milk here, subscription-only in the New Yorker.) I also like raw milk! But I also hate dying from bacteria.


You Are Making Your Baby Fat By Feeding Your Baby Food

Why are the babies so sick and obese? Because 93% of American parents are so terrible that they're giving the baby food all the time. Claiming the baby is "hungry" or "won't go to sleep," bad moms are giving the infants solid food way before the infants are medically allowed to have any solid food, which is at six months.

It's hard to imagine being a worse parent, but 40 percent of American parents are so ill-suited to this crucial societal role that they've even managed that: These people are giving the baby food before four months. This curses the innocent baby to a miserable life of "childhood [...]


Stop Maligning Milk!

"There is no evidence that dairy products, especially milk, increase phlegm."