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A Man Walks into a Boxing Ring

Mike Tyson fought fifty-eight times in his twenty-year career. Chances are, you only remember a handful of those fights. Chances are even better that his bout against Michael Spinks on June 27, 1988, is one of them. History blessed this night with an audacious moment that should have granted it pop culture immortality, but sports got in the way: It took Tyson just eight punches over ninety-one seconds to obliterate a tentative and terrified and previously undefeated Spinks in one of the fastest heavyweight title fight KOs ever. But the real story occurred minutes before the round-one bell: Tyson’s ring entrance, the slow spectacle squeezed into every big boxing [...]


The Pugilist At Rest

"It’s no secret that I love pigeons. They have been a fascination of mine since I was a young boy, and they continue to bring me great peace even now. People are curious as to why I have such great affection for them. The answer is simple. It’s because they aren’t difficult to understand. Unlike human beings that have the capacity to manipulate and deceive one another, they are basically animals of habit. If you treat them well, feed them, give them safe housing and lots of love, you can expect a good relationship with them." —Mike Tyson, oddly like Bert from Sesame Street.


A Quarter Century Of Mike Tyson

On this day in 1986, 19-year-old Michael Gerard Tyson became the youngest-ever Heavyweight Champion of the World. This is remarkable mainly for those of us who were aware of it at the time, because, really, 25 years ago? Good lord.


Flicked Off: "Tyson"

I went to see "Tyson," the documentary about aging supermodel and VH1's 1995 man of the year Tyson Beckford-oh wait, no, it was about the boxer Mike Tyson-because you and A. O. Scott told me to. This is a terrible movie, and I hate you and A. O. Scott.


I Saw A Bear

I went away for three days last week, up to a cabin in the woods that is owned by a couple I am lucky enough to know who have not been going there much lately because they just had a baby. It's in Catskill, New York, where Cus D'Amato taught Mike Tyson how to box. It’s very secluded. You can’t see any other houses. So it's an excellent place to go to be by yourself and write apology letters to people from your past who probably don't even remember you. It is definitely a cabin, as opposed to a house. Very rustic, no frills. It was built [...]


Apparently Mike Tyson has some issues

I was on the fence, but A.O. Scott's rave has convinced me: I'm gonna go see Tyson this weekend.