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Is There Actually Still Grunge Music In Today's Seattle?

"At Melbourne High School on the Atlantic coast in Florida, veteran theater director Rodney Savickis struck a deal with a local Starbucks to help sponsor an April production of 'Romeo and Juliet' set to grunge music in today's Seattle, with the Capulets led by the CEO of Starbucks and the Montagues by the CEO of Microsoft. 'Romeo is kind of a computer geek,' and Juliet an 'earthy, crunchy granola type,' Mr. Savickis says. The local Starbucks plans to donate cups, coffee, pastries and some baristas to sell food at intermission and after the show. Proceeds will go to the school, [...]


What Are The Politics Of The Internet?

First in a series of two essays today on freedom and the Internet. Next: Google, Sci-Fi And The MTA.

Late last Friday, news broke that the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, an online discussion board and community commonly referred to as the WELL, was on the verge of being shut down. Founded in 1985 as a dial-up BBS, the WELL is an enormously important part of internet history, both as a place where things happened and as a model for how discussion and community should work on the web; the comments system below this post owes its existence, in many ways, to the WELL. The site's ethos [...]


They Are Singing Coldplay At High School Graduations Now

"That night, after Mr. Ballmer watched his son sing at his high-school baccalaureate ceremony—a Coldplay song with the lyrics: 'It's such a shame for us to part; nobody said it was easy; no one ever said it would be this hard'—he says he told his wife and three sons he was probably leaving Microsoft. They all cried."


Microsoft, Yahoo Strike Deal That Will Change Everything

Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to a 10-year Internet search partnership. What does it mean? "Microsoft, which last year made a failed $47.5 billion takeover bid for Yahoo, finally wins what it wanted most from the Internet pioneer — huge volumes of queries that run through Yahoo's search engine. At the same time, Yahoo is expected to reap additional search-advertising business to expand its share of the market." (Yeah, I still have no idea. But it sounds important. Maybe this video will explain it.)


Microsoft To Become Cool, Too

It helps to be "cool," in this world. Apple is cool! Barack Obama is/was cool, too! But not Microsoft. It is nice that Bill Gates is saving the world from diseases, but that doesn't make kids want a Zune. That's why Microsoft investors are very excited about CEO Steve Ballmer making the company's offerings cool. The band Weezer played a Microsoft store in a Virginia mall, so that's something. Hip hop and skateboards could be next for the software giant.


Microsoft Vomiting Ad Was Probably Just Beta

For some inexplicable reason Microsoft has pulled this online-only ad for IE8.Yet Vista still survives.