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Maybe Bigfoot Is Letting Himself Get Seen In Michigan In Hopes That Someone Will Get Him The Hell Out Of Michigan

I'm sure this highlights my coastal urban elitism, but I had to Google ghillie suit. Turns out it's just the actual word for those, like, 3D camouflage pajamas. You know, with the twigs and fake grass on them? Whatever, I am happy to have learned something today.


The Mystery of the Elk Rapids Historical Society

What's happening, America? Let's check in with today's small-town American newspaper, the Antrim Review of Antrim County, MI. It seems there's something of a enigma that has been puzzling the locals:

The Elk Rapids Historical Society was offered the United Methodist Church on the corner of Traverse and Pine Streets in Elk Rapids last November and some residents are wondering why they haven’t moved out of the cramped, damp basement of the old town hall and taken possession yet.


The Bridge to Somewhere

There's a reason that the notion of selling the Brooklyn Bridge has long served as shorthand for a rudimentary con job. Public authorities own and administer the span, and so documents decreeing private ownership of the thing are so plainly the handiwork of a scam artist that they've basically been retired from circulation as anything other than a Vaudeville-era punch line.

But greed and vanity reliably trump reason on the American scene, and so the current dust-up over the Ambassador Bridge, which links Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, has the point of the bridge-selling parable precisely backwards. As the main artery for trade between the United States and [...]


"Not So Pure Michigan": The Man Who Hates Wisconsin and Ohio

When Wisconsin's tourism bureau launched a war on its neighbor by suggesting Wisconsin is actually the "mitten state," Michigan saw an unlikely ally come to its defense: a 30-something video pro named John Kerfoot.

Since 2006, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has run a branding campaign titled "Pure Michigan." A few years into the campaign, Kerfoot took his camera to nearby Lake St. Clair to shoot a Pure Michigan spoof about the lake's scourge of fish flies, which appear every year in swarms so great that, as the voiceover goes, "visitors are left wondering, 'Why the hell do I live in Michigan?'" (Insert blanket headphones-at-work [...]


Kid Rock, Real American Rock Star

Have you listened to Kid Rock lately? Probably you have. Although he has been culturally irrelevant for the last half-decade, his songs are always playing whenever you turn on the radio. Slowly, he has turned himself into the turn-of-the-millennium answer to the Monkees or, maybe even the late Rolling Stones: quintessentially shallow, timeless pop music that does nothing new and enforces old clichés, forever recapitulating them until, at the end, we can finally come around to enjoying it.


GM To Be Handily Rewarded For Destroying Economy

GM is going to lay off 21,000 people. I mean, they are saying that is how many they will lay off, so it is a start, because earlier they said they were only cutting 14,000, and now suddenly it is 21,000. Question! Why would any sane government loan and/or give billions of dollars to a company that is destroying the infrastructure of our country, which is to say, the state of people being homeful and employed and able to shop at the D & W Fresh Market? What failed company is worth saving if it is taking society down with it?


What's Really Pornographic? The Point of Documenting Detroit

Early this year, John Patrick Leary, a professor of American literature at Wayne State University, published a story in Guernica called "Detroitism" about, primarily, the two competing journalistic and artistic narratives about the Motor City.

There’s the Detroit Lament, which he describes as an examination of the city’s decline that is mostly told through the examination of physical spaces. You may have heard it referred to as "ruin porn." And there’s the Detroit Utopia, stories which purport to show a new way forward for the city, be it through urban farming, $100 homes or bicycling. (Utopian depictions of Detroit, Leary noted, tend to involve young creative white people.)

Leary [...]


Michigan Tea Party Really Is Democrat Stealth Op?

"Tea Partiers in Michigan claim that the Michigan Tea Party — which had aimed to get 23 candidates on the ballot this fall — was set up by Democrats in an effort to split the Republican vote." It's actually looking like that's likely true! Well, wow.