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Our State Of The Union

The State of the Union is tonight, and so here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political writer Jason Linkins to judge America through the lens of the White House's Flickr feed and its tireless photographer, Pete Souza.

Ana Marie: FLICKR…so much to catch up on

Jason: A whole year of the second term! Plus, Pete Souza is now the guy all the White House correspondents hate! They are like "PROPAGANDA"! And I'm kind of like, "Scoop, if true! Not very good propaganda, if scoop."

Ana Marie: Except did you see in all the interviews, people are like, "Well, I've worked [...]


It's Time for Michelle Obama to Get Pregnant

Worried about Barack Obama's reelection chances in the face of flagging support from his base, experienced Democratic political strategists, former White House administration officials and professional political pundits have called for the president to "go bold." Last week, former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich even predicted that Obama dump Biden in 2012 and make Hillary Clinton his new vice president: "Because Obama needs to stir the passions and enthusiasms of a Democratic base."

Only a Yale-educated statusquocrat's idea of "bold" would be to add another Clinton. I have a far more truly bold political strategy for 2012 (one based on absolutely no inside information): Get Michelle Obama [...]


Long Island Newspaper Gets Only The "Sexist And Racist" Part Of "Making A Sexist And Racist Joke" Right

A Smithtown, N.Y., newspaper is under fire for publishing a photo spread comparing Barack and Michelle Obama to Fred Sanford and "Aunt Esther" from the '70s sitcom Sanford & Son. The Smithtown Messenger spread was entitled "Before And After," and in it pictures of recent Presidents and their spouses on Inauguration Day were compared with current photos. But the "After" photo for the Obamas is not some sort of Photoshop Aging Filter wonder; instead it's a shot of Fred and Esther seemingly about to come to blows. A scan inside.


Obama-Hating British Paper Thinks Michelle Should Have Gotten All Oily For Protocol's Sake

Britain's Telegraph, which yesterday described Barack Obama's alleged snub of Prime Minister Gordon Brown as unforgivably churlish, today castigates Michelle Obama for "bad form" in failing to accede to hooker-banging sleazeball (alleged) Silvio Berlusconi's lip-smacking, "Come to Papi" advances. It's almost like the paper is saying that, I don't know, black people don't understand how to behave in proper society. But maybe I'm just reading into things.


South Carolina Republican Endorses Evolution

Embedded video from CNN Video

I will say this for the GOP: Members consistently exceed my expectations when it comes to racism and idiocy. Claiming that comparing Michelle Obama to a gorilla is simply a reflection of her pro-evolution views is a particularly nice touch.


Pretty Black Lady Says Other Pretty Black Lady Less Pretty

The "big" story is supposedly what she said about First Lady Michelle Obama-AN OPINION WITH WHICH WE STRONGLY DISAGREE-but the best part of this interview with supermodel Iman is the way she keeps using The N Word. This is Parade, lady, not a middle-period Richard Pryor routine. (Interestingly enough, the version of the article Parade has online omits that quote altogether, much like a late-period Richard Pryor routine.)


Iran Will Counter Evil American Best Picture By Making Its Own "Argo"

"Iran is planning to retaliate against Argo with its own big-budget movie, titled Joint Command, about the 1979-80 events and the secret operation that led to the escape of six U.S. diplomatic personnel." —Iran's government-run press agencies are very upset about that Argo movie winning the American Oscar, especially because that one American lady presented the award. It's like Tehran doesn't even know the Obamas are Muslims!


Michelle Obama Comes and Goes

After John McCain closed out the Sharron Angle rally on Friday, her campaign coordinators played a bit of amateur propaganda. Pictures of foreclosed houses, stock photos of agonized couples looking at stacks of unpaid bills, a chart of unemployment rates, all flashing by quickly to a soaring soundtrack. At the crescendo of all this pictorial despair appeared the image of First Lady Michelle Obama. In it she is reclining on a beige chaise lounge in a sleeveless violet dress, one hand cupped along the side of her neck, revealing her diamond wedding ring that matches her teardrop diamond earrings, and above her is the big word Vogue, the [...]


Is Michelle Obama… A Gay Male Homosexual?

Well if she is not, then why does she know so much about fashion, hmm? Simon Doonan (window dresser; homosexual; short) meets the First Lady for White House holiday decorating: "Her long-standing interest in style makes the process easy: She likes the 'softer, more Romeo Gigli colors.' She agrees with my suggestion that we should use 'a Lanvin-ish antique-looking glitter' instead of anything too sparkly. While Mrs. Obama loves the idea of 'the Wish Tree,' an interactive piece created by a Hoboken-based company named Cardboard Design, her most enthusiastic response is reserved for the 800 recycled silver balls that are proposed for the monumental Blue Room Tree. Together we [...]


Silvio Berlusconi Wants Warmer American Relations

Words fail me, but this is definitely one of those cases where a picture is worth a thousand of them. [Via]


Or maybe he just forgot how to spell "ANGRY BLACK WOMAN"

I'm not sure what Matt Drudge is trying to say by running this photo of Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni without a link or caption. Is he making a comment on the state of Franco-American relations? Is he thinking, "Man, these are two smokin' babes?" Is there some larger truth in the picture that he's trying to wordlessly impart? It is truly a mystery.


Michelle Obama Has, Styles, Hair

Fashion Flash: Black woman resembles other black woman.


Frock Noteworthy

A lot of "who cares" on the NYT review of Michelle Obama's dress, but barely promoted on our home page, and it's the 2nd most read article

— Michael Roston (@michaelroston) September 5, 2012

This says so many things about the world in which we live.


Waiting for Michelle Obama at the "Largest Phonebank" In History

An hour into today's rally for Democratic candidates, and two-thirds of the gymnasium at Canyon Springs High School is full. Representatives Dina Titus and Shelley Berkley have each gotten up and announced that we are in attendance at not just a Michelle Obama appearance but also we are at the "largest phonebank in the history of the world!!!" They also suggested we take out our "cellulars to call someone so we can be the largest phonebank ever!!!"


Berlusconi Does Funny Bit About Black Guy And Black Wife

Silvio Berlusconi, addressing supporters this weekend at a rally in Milan, told a very funny joke! Mr Berlusconi told supporters of his People of Freedom party that his government had scored a number of successes since being elected last year, claiming that he had acted swiftly to tackle the effects of the global economic crisis and ensure that Italy had a more solid banking system than many other countries.

"And we have introduced a new element into Italian politics: morality," said Mr Berlusconi, whose estranged wife, Veronica Lario, 53, has suggested that he is obsessed with chasing glamorous actresses and showgirls young enough to be his grand daughters.


Newspaper: Black Bag Black Mark For Black Woman

New York's Daily News totally owns the "Should Black Ladies Be Allowed To Have Nice Things?" beat.


20 Years On

There is way too much going on in this picture of Nancy Reagan visiting with Michelle Obama at the White House, so I'll just put it up here. I mean, Jesus, who would have etc.? As a brilliant Russian philosopher once said, "What a country."


Serious Issues For Serious Times

Your daily outrage alert: Black woman wears expensive sneakers!