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Of Mice and Men Must Die

"In research published online April 28 in Nature Methods, the scientists report that the presence of male experimenters produced a stress response in mice and rats equivalent to that caused by restraining the rodents for 15 minutes in a tube or forcing them to swim for three minutes. This stress-induced reaction made mice and rats of both sexes less sensitive to pain. Female experimenters produced no such effects." The senior author of the paper, Jeffrey Mogil, suggests that the "problem is easily solved" but curiously, he doesn't suggest the easiest solution of all, which is to simply ban men.


Scorpion-Eating Mouse Monster Is America's Scariest Tiny Rodent

Is this carnivorous scorpion-eating mouse the only American rodent who howls at the moon? Sure, why the hell not.


If You Give A Mouse Cocaine You Should Probably Give Him A Cigarette First

"Nicotine causes changes in gene regulation that enhance the brain's subsequent response to cocaine. The finding, in mice, provides the first clear evidence for a molecular mechanism supporting the idea of 'gateway drugs'…. In a study published today in Science Translational Medicine, the team shows that, in mice at least, nicotine causes epigenetic changes–long-lasting changes in the control of gene expression–that subsequently boost the response to cocaine."


How To Kill Brown Tree Snakes On Guam With Tylenol-Stuffed Mice

You ever wonder what happened to that psycho kid you grew up next door to? He's apparently running pest control on Guam, where the U.S. Department of Agriculture is trying to reduce the population of brown tree snakes in Guam by dropping acetaminophen-filled dead mice into the forest from helicopters. "Since scientists discovered that the household pain reliever was deadly to the brown tree snakes, they've been trying to figure out how to get it to where many of the serpents live in the canopies of the island's forests, according to a report in Stars & Stripes. The Tylenol-loaded mice are attached to two pieces of cardboard joined [...]


Researchers Produce Vomit-Inducing Story

Scientists in Moscow have genetically altered mice so that they produce human milk. I don't care what the hell disease they're trying to cure with this one, it is just ewww.


Sorry If I Gave You Fat

Unfortunately, you can't catch skinny.


Skinny Mice Are Cooler Mice

"Researchers looking at a set of neurons in the part of the brain that controls hunger have found that mice with an increased appetite for food had less interest in cocaine, while those less interested in food were more interested in cocaine and other novelty-seeking behaviors."


Mice Incapable Of Hatefucking

"SEX and violence are neighbours in the brain, but they don't get along. It turns out that the cells responsible for aggression in mouse brains are suppressed during mating, which is probably a good thing."


Slutty Mouse Sperms Work In Gangs

Whaddaya got for us today, Science? "Some mouse sperm can discriminate between its brethren and competing sperm from other males, clustering with its closest relatives to swim faster in the race to the egg. But this sort of cooperation appears to be present only in certain promiscuous species, where it affords an individual's sperm a competitive advantage over that of other males." I can almost guarantee you that is something you did not know when you woke up this morning.


The Mouse That Achtunged

"Scientists of the German Mouse Clinic at Helmholtz Zentrum München have made a major contribution to understanding human language development. Using a comprehensive screening method, they studied a mouse model carrying a 'humanized version' of a key gene associated with human language." Thanks Science, that's just what we need! A genetically-altered race of supermice who speak Kraut! I'll see you guys when we're all working as slaves in subterranean cheese mines a couple of months from now.


Maybe It Won't Be The Machines That Kill Us After All

"Human astrocytes certainly inspired the mice. Their neurons did indeed build stronger synapses. (Perhaps this was because human astrocytes signal three times faster than mouse astrocytes do.) Mouse learning sharpened, too. On the first try, for instance, altered mice perceived the connection between a noise and an electric shock (a standard learning test in mouse research). Normal mice need a few repetitions to get the idea. Memories of the doctored mice were better too: they remembered mazes, object locations, and the shock lessons longer." —Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center implanted human brain cells into the brains of baby mice and the mice turned out smarter [...]


Soda Bad

"Key to Pepsi's legal argument is that there's no chance a mouse's corpse could survive, intact, for 15 months swimming in Mountain Dew. While published studies have not been conducted on how rapidly Mountain Dew would dissolve a mouse, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the neon green soda can eat away teeth and bones in a matter of months, and would likely do quite a number on a rodent."


Slutty Man Mice Make Stronger-Spermed Kids

Mice who fuck around have sons with more powerful sperm than monogamous mice. There's a lesson in here somewhere, but you'll probably get in trouble if you try to use it as an excuse.


Your Obnoxious Cell Phone Chatter May Prevent Alzheimer's

Could the radiation beamed at your head through your cell phone actually save you from Alzheimer's disease? That's what some scientists from Florida are suggesting, after conducting experiments on mice in which the rodents were exposed to the electro-magnetic fields associated with portable phones for a period of nine months. Turns out that "the Alzheimer's mice performed as well on tests measuring memory and thinking skills as aged mice without dementia. If older Alzheimer's mice already showing memory problems were exposed to the electro-magnetic waves, their memory impairment disappeared." Scientists caution that further research needs to be conducted, and also note that once you teach mice how to [...]