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A$AP Mob, "Trillmatic"

This is pretty much the A$AP Nast and Method Man show, but all the other A$APs at least get a look in, and apparently we're going to get an entire A$AP collection pretty soon. That's a whole lot of A$APs going on. It's an abundance of A$APs. It is all A$AP'd up in this piece. A$AP etc.


Meth, Ghost And Rae, "Criminology 2.5"

I remember people saying, back when the recession started, one good thing that could maybe come out of it was it could save music from its dismal state. Not the music industry, which was already pretty much doomed whatever happened, but music itself. Because of the commonly held belief that bad times make for good music. I guess because of the famously fertile early '70s? That is probably my favorite musical era. But maybe that's because that's when I was born. Do people have a built-in preference for the music that was made around the time they were? Do the first sounds we hear, even before we're fully conscious [...]


Wu-Tang Trio's Choice In Group Name Disappoints Dork

Bummer. Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon opted against "Three Wus Three 57 Trip Pyramid 3 A charm 3 U 3 Scales," instead naming their group the more mundane "Meth, Ghost & Rae." Oh, well. At least the album cover sufficiently caters to their middle-aged fan base's collective inner-thirteen-year-old. Wu-Massacre is out on March 30th. In other disappointing rap news: Bronald Oil & Gas, the Cash Money Millionaires' green energy company? Bloomberg looked into it and it seems that, thus far at least, the company exists primarily in the tattoo on Baby's head.