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Yale, 2007, AIDS: "We mostly saw it as an African problem"

"'We mostly saw it as an African problem, and a little bit as an inner-city American problem,' he said. 'Nobody ever talked about it as a disease among Yale students and staff.'" —Bless you and all, but I'll probably never recover from that quote, Christopher Glazek, Yale '07. Still! Glad to hear there are future plans to help colleges make note of what is apparently still, somehow, unspeakable and unthinkable.


Discourse Analysis: "Meow!" v. "Meow Meow Meow"

Alex Balk: Hey Balk: Can you explain something to me? Choire Sicha: DID YOU JUST "HEY" ME? Balk: What exactly does "meow meow" signify? Choire: asdlfkasdf; Choire: That's a complicated one Choire: Because Choire: "Meow!" means "CATTY!" Choire: But MEOW MEOW MEOW Choire: Or just MEOW MEOW Choire: Means "LA LA FINGERS IN MY EARS I CAN'T HEAR YOU" Balk: Okay, that's what I was working with, but I just wanted to make sure. Choire: Annnnd this is a blog post now.


I'm Not Sure I Can Trust JJ Abrams With My Heart Again

After the disaster that was "Undercovers" (NBC didn't even air the final episodes of the first season), "Lost" co-creator JJ Abrams is already coming back to TV, baby, because Fox has picked up his "Alcatraz."

Here's a pretty through guide, and basically, "'Alcatraz' will focus on a group of guards, convicts and workers who disappear from the prison without a trace in the 1960’s, only to re-appear in the present day." AND IT HAS HURLEY. Who, yeah, will have been dead for most of the TV show and blah blah.

I am not sure I can commit to this emotionally. I've been hurt so many [...]


The Olsen Twins, "Gimme Pizza," The Nightmare Remix

The genius current trend of slowing down video and audio has reached its logical conclusion in this HORRIFYING DRUG DREAM, from Hot Tropic.