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Watches are the Devil's Accoutrement!

In these overclocking times, watches are nothing but a giant wad of burned cash hanging on your wrist. They're like a vulgar codpiece of consumption, but, like, on your arm. They are, almost, evil.

They're heavy. They're annoying. They're pretty much duplicative. They're one more thing to sweat under in summer. They leave very awkwardly shaped tan lines. Also, yes, sometimes they're very pretty!


Satchels, Totes and Cases! Whatever Shall a Man Carry?

Since time immemorial, man has been forced to carry bags. Even worse: In much of my office-going life, I've been forced to carry a laptop to work. This has created Man Problems for myself, in needing to have a piece of small luggage that is also sturdy enough to protect said laptop. I had a very chic and nearly perfect slender black Lacoste shoulder bag that fit the computer perfectly, even in its little padded case. And then one day on the L train (of course) I shifted my coffee and my iPhone in my hands and it slipped off my shoulder and dropped all of 2.5 feet [...]


The Kinds Of Shoes Men Wear For Spring

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With the sudden arrival of spring, a diversity of mens' shoes blossoms! The slushy shoes of winter are over!

So, this is a very complicated time to get dressed. Times photographer Bill Cunningham declared the death of "dress down Friday," as he was seeing people dressing way, way up. And while he's always right, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's true in your office. But what it does mean is that you can often dress in the way you see fit. Often, it's easiest to start dressing from the shoes up.

And do you even know what kind of shoes you're wearing right now?