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Melissa Etheridge, The Midgetmen and Diarrhea Planet, "Refugee"

If your sense of humor is as permanently mired in grade school as is mine you will surely agree that Diarrhea Planet is one of the greatest band names ever, and the fact that their last album was called I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is somehow even funnier. Anyway, here they are at the thing in Austin covering Tom Petty with Melissa Etheridge and The Midgetmen and, for the eight or so minutes of this clip at least, everything is right with the world. [Via]


Warren G Takes Credit For Something Not Worth Taking Credit For

This seems to not quite qualify as a great stroke of genius. Producer and former rapper Warren G tells XXL that he came up with the name for his step-brother Dr. Dre's classic 1999 album Chronic 2001-which was a follow-up to Dre's 1992 debut, The Chronic. "We actually met at the Beverly Hills Hotel one night, and-I swear to God-he was trying to figure out what to call the album, and I actually said, 'How about Chronic 2001?' Right there at the Beverly Hills Hotel-we sat there, in the bungalows, and named it The Chronic 2001… Dre probably don't remember that shit, but I said, 'Chronic 2001… We are [...]