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Kathy Acker Reads from "Pussy, King of the Pirates"

Here are new-to-the-web audio recordings of Kathy Acker reading from Pussy, King of the Pirates, recorded in England in 1994. There are also clean uploads of the 1996 release of Pussy, King Of The Pirates by Mekons & Kathy Acker. Above: a horribly distorted and amazingly hilarious TV performance of one of the songs.


A Q&A With Jon Langford Of The Mekons

It’s likely that you either love the Mekons, or you haven’t heard of them at all. Formed as a punk band in Leeds in 1977, the sprawling lineup has remained more or less the same since the mid-'80s. Their sound spans multiple genres, among them American rock and roll and roots music. (They are, in fact, credited with producing the first alt-country album.) If you go to a Mekons show, expect to see some incredibly ardent fans, every music critic in town, and an energetic performance from all on stage.

I had the opportunity to interview Mekons cofounder and guitarist/vocalist Jon Langford while he was on a [...]