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Not All Medical Marijuana

It's weird that people would just say that marijuana is good for some ailments without any data to back that up at all, huh: The dearth of data has not prevented legislators and voters across the nation from endorsing marijuana for more than 40 conditions. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, for instance, qualify for marijuana treatment in at least three states.

Yet there are no published trials of smoked marijuana in rheumatoid arthritis patients, said Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, a rheumatologist at McGill University who reviewed the evidence of the drug’s efficacy in treating rheumatic diseases. “When we look at herbal cannabis, we have zero evidence for efficacy,” she said. “Unfortunately [...]


"This Pot Makes Me Angry!" "Let's Set It On Fire!"

Opponents of medical marijuana in Billings, MT, have shown their disapproval of the legal palliative by firebombing two dispensaries in the last two days. Sadly, both fires were quickly extinguished, ruining the likelihood of any Cheech & Chong-style unintended wackiness.


My Corner Pot Shop's Charm Offensive

I live next to a place where people buy marijuana with great frequency. And not in the way that your neighbor upstairs pushes a few dime bags here and there-this is a full-blown storefront, with free coffee and a TV and couches for people to lounge on. Carefully stapled bags, "prescription" printed on one side, are pushed out of a little window similar to the kind manned by bank tellers or postal clerks. The child-proof amber prescription bottles are the same kind that Cephalexin or Xanax comes in, but with ink-jet-printed labels reading ISH slapped on them, citing CA Health and Safety Code 11362.5-7. And that's because this is [...]