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The Rogue, Undefeated, Reformed and Saved Sarah Palin

At a recent New Hampshire tea party rally, Sarah Palin spoke of the regulatory burdens on the area's Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative, a group that she compared to "our own commercial fishing family." Back in June, on a previous trip to New Hampshire, she said, "Well, commercial fishing is near and dear to my heart of course. You know, having fished for so many years. And I understand fish politics. I understand what these fishermen are going through."

But an open records request by The Awl found that Palin, once again, failed to apply for a license to fish in Alaska this season. The request follows our [...]


The 'New York Post' Hates Latin Derivations

File under Fascinating Things I Have Never Thought About Before And Now Won't Be Able To Stop Noticing: I used to say that I thought there was a full-time staffer at the Post that read through the copy and replaced all latinate words with germanic ones: "arrest" becomes "nab," "rapidly" becomes "fast," "assist" becomes "help," "error" becomes "mistake," "salary" becomes "wage."