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Where To Also See Awl Pals This Week

What are you doing tonight? I'll tell you what you're doing tonight: You're heading over to McNally Jackson to see Awl pals Matthew Gallaway and Sasha Frere-Jones discuss Matthew's new novel The Metropolis Case and debate the current state of affairs in Tunisia. (Okay, maybe not, but they will for sure be talking about the book.) See you at 7. It's an Awl pals kind of week!


Two McNally Jackson Booksellers Argue About Jonathan Franzen's 'Freedom'

Sam MacLaughlin: Hi Dustin!

Dustin Kurtz: Hello Samuel. So, introductions of our various stances, maybe?

Sam: Maybe! We are both sad young white literary men, yes?

Dustin: Emphasis on the sad and white, yes. Our manliness being in dispute at times.

Sam: At times. I do carry a tote bag. And: you're not a female novelist, are you?

Dustin: No, so I think we can agree that my dislike of this book won't come from anything as disagreeable as politics. Unless there is a political party fighting for better prose?


The Wonderful, Evil Print-On-Demand Book Machine Arrives in Manhattan

Are there organizations we love more than local bookstore McNally Jackson? Maybe NARAL, or the SLA. So when we question the introduction of a Espresso Book Machine there, we do it with love. The EBM, the brainchild of Jason Epstein (AKA Mr. Judith Miller, among many other achievements), carries, in its current incarnation, about 3 million titles—trade books and out-of-copyright books. That's not bad! The New York City Public Library systems has more than 20 million books, but, you know, with them, you don't get to keep the books forever. Google Books, a main supplier to the EBM, has about 15 million titles; those are not all [...]


The Most-Stolen Books At McNally Jackson

For some customers of delightful Prince Street bookstore McNally Jackson, the 20% discount on offer in July just wasn't enough. Some customers would just rather steal. Turns out, there's a certain subset of literature that really brings out the sticky fingers in people. When the staff discovered which books were being slipped into backpacks and satchels with the most regularity, they moved these titles to a protected section behind the counter. Books on lockdown! So-here are the books all the kids are stealing these days!


Rosecrans Baldwin and Maud Newton, This Wednesday

Things to do: Mark your calendar for Wednesday the 15th, when Awl pals Rosecrans Baldwin and Maud Newton will be discussing Baldwin's debut novel You Lost Me There at McNally Jackson Books at 7PM.