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Max Tundra, "I Wanna Be Your Lover"

"A few years back, Max Tundra spent a day recording a cover of Prince’s 'I Wanna Be Your Lover' entirely with hand-played keyboard parts and no samples. Since realizing that it isn’t available online anywhere, he posted a very silly 'phoned-in' video with all the charm of something you might come across on public-access TV at 2 AM." —Catch me on certain days and I will argue that Mastered By Guy At The Exchange is the greatest album from the the first decade of this century, and most of those days I will actually be quite serious. Anyway, this is pretty enjoyable.



It seems hard to believe, but this weekend marks the tenth anniversary of Mastered by Guy at The Exchange, the absolutely remarkable Max Tundra record that was hailed at its release for having "more ideas per minute than most… contemporaries can manage over the course of a career." I'm not sure that there are any other records from 2002 that I'm still hearing new notes on, particularly those that are less than 40 minutes long, but I continue to find things on this one all the time. If you've never listened to it before I am in total envy of you, because hearing it for the first [...]