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Housekeeping: Say Hi (Again) To Maura Johnston

A quick note about happy news: We have somehow conned the amazing Maura Johnston into spending the next few weeks here with us. You know Maura from Idolator when it was good, her recaps of "American Idol", and the terrific contributions she has made on this site previously. Maura will be tasked with writing all the lady stuff that Messrs. Sicha, Bry and I are too masculine to address. KIDDING! She's going to write whatever she wants. Anyway, we're thrilled to have her and we hope you will be as well. One small warning: She'll have access to our general e-mail line (to which you send [...]


Everything Your Facebook Friends Said About The Grammys Is Probably Wrong

Last night's Grammys caught up to Time's Person Of The Year declaration from 2006 and so they were all about You. You had the opportunity to cover Lady GaGa's "Poker Face" or Beyoncé's "Halo" and appear as a member of a YouTubeMosaic. You had the power to select which song Bon Jovi would exhume from its well-worn back catalog. You had the opportunity to watch the shaggy-haired founder of a cool blogging platform that You might use cover the awards, even if he wasn't 100% clear on who would be amenable to a red-carpet question about his service. And, most crucially, You were able to watch as the [...]


The 11 Best Egg-Shaped Easter Candies

11. Cadbury Mini Eggs 10. Cadbury Hollow Eggs Filled With Cadbury Mini Crisp Eggs 9. Whoppers Robin Eggs


"People on the Internet Like to Argue About Music More Than They Like to Enjoy Music": Maura Johnston and Seth Colter Walls on Genre, 2009 and Pazz + Jop

Seth Colter Walls: Maura! You have an excellent essay in the Voice this week, which accompanied this year's Pazz + Jop music critic's poll. Since you and I both submitted ballots for that-and since music critics like nothing more than to talk about what they've done and said-I naturally thought we should talk about what we've done and said! Let's start out by telling the people about your essay?

Maura Johnston: Well, ha. I don't like to start off with self-promotion, but let's give it a go…

Seth: It's called "Down With Music Racism," your piece. That's very provocative.


It Goes Like This

"Watching performances of 'Hallelujah' by people who aren't Cohen-whose original take has an archness that's wiped away by the clear-eyed sincerity offered up by his successors-you see one common thread: each singer really feels the song, closing their eyes at least once in every performance to properly communicate that what they are singing is Serious Business."


The Internet, with Maura Johnston: Martha Stewart Show Embraces Twitter, Grills Founder

Two weeks ago, MTV's Video Music Awards embraced the liveblogging concept, hiring Internet personality-construct iJustine to preside over mentions of the show on the microblogging service Twitter-and they reaped Internet rewards when Kanye West ran up on stage and sparked a million angry blog posts. Martha Stewart's eponymous TV show took a similar tack yesterday, when it taped a show to air this Friday devoted to what the domestic empress described as "all you need to know about tech and social netwworking" [sic]. Attendees were encouraged to Tweet and blog throughout the taping; there was even an official hashtag that the warm-up comedian confusedly announced to [...]