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How Is Martha Stewart Doing?

"I live on a farm. I cook. I garden. I craft. I do all those things," Martha Stewart said, as a giant, high-resolution lobster glowed behind her. "I'm your mom."

Martha—it's always "Martha"—had just returned to New York after a trip to China, where the Wall Street Journal reports she is plotting a "cupcake revolution." She also met with the team behind e-commerce giant Alibaba, which she found to be very inspiring. "China is the land of opportunity. If you are an entrepreneur, or interested in the growth of a new middle class, China is the place to go," she said. "I do [...]


Martha Stewart's Easter Surprise

Martha Stewart's dogs.


The Internet, with Maura Johnston: Martha Stewart Show Embraces Twitter, Grills Founder

Two weeks ago, MTV's Video Music Awards embraced the liveblogging concept, hiring Internet personality-construct iJustine to preside over mentions of the show on the microblogging service Twitter-and they reaped Internet rewards when Kanye West ran up on stage and sparked a million angry blog posts. Martha Stewart's eponymous TV show took a similar tack yesterday, when it taped a show to air this Friday devoted to what the domestic empress described as "all you need to know about tech and social netwworking" [sic]. Attendees were encouraged to Tweet and blog throughout the taping; there was even an official hashtag that the warm-up comedian confusedly announced to [...]


A Hypothesis Concerning The Awesomeness Of Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's appeal explained: "[Y]ou know that the idea of a vinaigrette that is not completely emulsified just kills her. The fact that she cannot stop talking about it and probably does so simply because she can (it's her own damn show, after all) is what makes her so awesome."