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A Poem by Alexander Chee


I don’t even know what to tell you about the fog or anything else for that matter what did you think was coming what did you think mattered        what did you think there was something we were all going to do right something we made in pieces in the dark we kept it secret we said it would be better that way we didn’t even look we forgot the way that was better we forgot all the other ways too even all the shitty ones but the pieces are there

what would it take for you to really give up on someone I wrote this in [...]


Today Is A Day For Poems

Oh, look, it's a poem from The Poetry Section editor Mark Bibbins, and it's a little saucy.


A Poem by Sophia Dahlin

When Relinquish on a Star

Of June singing, of Monday singing, of losing you by the wayside singing I never noticed losing you Monday in June, tra la Of March singing, of relics singing of bringing it home the first time singing I invited you home to worry my mother, tra la Sweet treats in the crisper, lo mein on the counter for hours biscuits I punched out of dough for the house to devour Of Rebecca singing, of the concert singing of losing you at the concert singing Intermixing too rapidly for my sexual attention span tra la of quickness singing, of sinning singing, of a longlost girl Friday [...]


Mark Bibbins, 'The Anxiety of Coincidence'

Mark Bibbins, who just does not get enough credit for the amazing job he does as editor of The Poetry Section, has an e-chapbook (what a world we live in! What an age!) called The Anxiety of Coincidence that awaits your perusal right here. It's great!


A Poem by Andrew Zawacki

Dixie Pixie Sonnet

Solar panel, a Fresnel lens, 5 lb bag of M&Ms & we could 3-D print a clone of you

Pell mell all hell & ill will will break loose If you don’t wear your cheap synthetic, frilly fuchsia princess dress, Faux glass high heel sequin slippers clacking on the tile

In your lifetime, the Arctic will have been

You’re a frog no you’re a frog

To conjugate in a future imperfect : will have been ongoing, once

Daughter you’re borderline pixilated, perhaps from the Swedish dialect pyske— “fairy,” ca. 1630—or Cornwall Celtic for “pixie-led” : confused, bewildered, unbalanced, astray ; or an actress as stop-motion marionette, in [...]