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How Should We Pronounce That Name, 'New York Times' Obituary Writer Margalit Fox?

From Shulamith Firestone’s obituary: "The family Americanized its surname to Firestone when Shulamith was a child; Ms. Firestone pronounced her first name shoo-LAH-mith but was familiarly known as Shuley or Shulie."

From Paul Roche’s obituary: "The author of several well-received volumes of poetry, Mr. Roche (pronounced 'rawsh') taught over the years at colleges and universities throughout the United States, among them Smith College; the University of Notre Dame; Centenary College in New Jersey; and Emory & Henry College in Virginia, where, his family said in a statement, 'He used to wander stark naked through the woods carpeted with violets.'"

From Giorgio Tozzi’s obituary: "At his [...]


Eugene Polley, 1915 – 2012

“The flush toilet may have been the most civilized invention ever devised, but the remote control is the next most important. It’s almost as important as sex.” —Eugene Polley, who took great pride in the fact that he invented wireless television remote control for the Zenith in 1955, died Sunday in Downer's Grove, Illinois. At first thought, from a certain perspective, it might seem that a) Polley was right about the importance of his invention and that b) he could be the individual most responsible for civilization's downward slide into sloth, obesity, and soon, oblivion. As the Times' Margalit Fox points out, thanks to him, "For the first time, [...]