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Winona Ryder's Forever Sweater

Ten years ago today Winona Ryder stole several thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue. I reacted to the news of the incident the way I react to most celebrity scandals—with unmitigated delight—and prepared myself to follow subsequent action with mild interest.

Then, on the day of her arraignment, a friend called me. He was very excited. (The last time I had heard him like this was during the 1994 Oscars when I called him to make fun of Susan Sarandon’s dress and he picked up the phone, having no idea who was calling or for what reason, and wailed, “I know, [...]


If You Like CK One, You'll Love U-you. No, 'U.' Like The Letter?

Everybody drop everything and go to the Parfums de Coeur web site immediately because, yes, not only does this ish still exist (sorta like how I lost my mind when I found out Kaepa, those weird cheerleader shoes with the plastic triangles all over the upper, still exist), but it's great for a giggle during this dark time they call 2009. I mean, credit where it's due since they're kinda the OG ABS by Allen Schwartz-the Jew armed with a million sweatshops of color that can rip off a red carpet dress in less time than it takes you to find sugarless gum in your clutch after you [...]


Fashion Week and the Atrocity of Michael Bastian

Fashion week is sort of a non-event this year, and I'm not even sure why. The clothes are okay? People went kind of nuts for Marc Jacobs but I found it pretty and cold and overly sensible (with one notable exception, pictured). And as far as stuff for men to wear? Hoo boy.


Marc Jacobs To Be Boring For Blenders

Lest we forget, Marc Jacobs is getting married this weekend, to someone named Lorenzo or something. Allegedly. In P-Town. But what is his former fiance, his previous intended, his jilted ex, up to? How is he feeeeeling? To the Facebook!


ZOMG! We're all invited to the Louis Vuitton show! Even FATTIES!

You know what's gonna make hump day SO FIERCE? Front-row seats to the Louis Vuitton fashion show you guys! They're like SUCH social networking GENIUSES over at LVMH and totesack deserving of all our love and admiration to where we can't love the 'rents anymore because we have to save it allallall for the LIVE Facebook LV FASH SHO!!! OH MY DAMIER MONOGRAM EPI SPEEDY MURAKAMI EYEBALLS GAWG what an egregious PARIAH you're gonna be if you don't go. It's called "The Art of Travel" LOLLERSKATES! GET IT? Because they're traveling INTO YOUR COMPUUUTAH! Get up at 8:30 am New York time on Wednesday and get on Facebook and get [...]