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The Future Will Be Itchy, Deadly

Great. Here during the current mass extinction event, the first of its kind to be caused by the activity of a single species (that would be human beings), a global conservation study released at this week's UN Biodiversity Summit in Japan says that one-fifth of all animal and plant species on the are now endangered. Awesome animals, like the Siberian tiger, the largest of all the big cats; and the fossa, the top of Madagascar's food chain, a creature so interesting, that zoologists don't even know what family it belongs to (is it a type of cat, a mongoose, what?); and the sad and adorable and [...]


Let's Be Very, Very Careful About Giving Genetically Modified Mosquitoes A "Competitive Advantage"

This seems extremely dangerous: University of Arizona scientists have successfully introduced a gene into mosquitoes that blocks the growth of the malaria parasite. The idea, is then to release the malarial-resistant mosquitoes into the wild, in hopes that they will replace the current strain that infects more than 250 million people a year with the disease, leading to more than a million deaths. "Before we do this, we have to somehow give the mosquitoes a competitive advantage over the disease-carrying insects," said professor Michael Riehle, a principle investigator on the project, to the BBC. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!