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How Not to Be a Publicist

I found that many of the people I spoke with suspected the real changes at [The New Republic] would come at the expense of Leon Wieseltier—who had his own charmed life as the oldest young man in the room…. Wieseltier ruled a sort of archipelago of learnedness in the magazine’s back pages—haunted by its own testy thoroughgoing-ness, dense with type and argument, and deliberately off-putting. “In the old days, I used to get shit from certain people about difficult words or references,” Wieseltier says. “The irony now is that I just smile and say, ‘Google it.’ I have no conscience about that anymore.” His culture section, which often [...]


Angelina Jolie, Martin Amis and Prince William: Where Are They Now?

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle before she ran away and married an ogre. Together they spawned Talk, a magazine sprinkled with synergy dust and celebrated across the land. It was so wonderful, it only lasted two years….

Here are some of the things you'd learn reading the June/July 2000 issue of current Newsweek/Daily Beast honcho Tina Brown's Talk: Now that he's 18, Prince William ("'Wills,' his mother called him") "needs a bride"; Erica Jong burned her prenup with husband, Ken Burrows; Gigi Levangie Grazer "lives in Pacific Palisades with her second husband, superproducer Brian Grazer"; "Amy Smart has played it like her [...]


The Great Vegan Magazine "Meat Photo" Scandal

Did you know about the greatest media scandal of the year? It's pretty great: VegNews, the magazine for vegan eating (vegans don't actually eat the magazine, though yes, they might as well; it has recipes of "actual" food), has been Photoshopping stock photos of real meat dishes as illustration, by removing the meaty bits or just straight up using real meat. Can you imagine the betrayal? It's a little like Out putting straight people on the cover. (Oh, wait, they do that all the time.) It'd be like Forbes putting poor people on the cover! Or Tikkun profiling David Duke! Or Time choosing someone interesting! (Kidding!) [...]