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Is Madrid the Most Photogenic City in the World?

It has been said that the essence of city life lies in the promise of the chance encounter — the feeling that absolutely anything could happen at any moment. In this way, cities are more than just containers for human activity; they are also distinct characters in of themselves, each conveying a unique identity told through culture, architecture and history.

The digital revolution in photography has only served to empower a whole multitude of city-dwellers to capture and document the beautiful complexity that can be found in contemporary urban life. With this idea in mind, Samsung gave the new GALAXY Camera to 32 photographers to prove that their city [...]


Live From Spain's All-Ages Goodwill Revolution

The last week in Spain was a story no one saw coming. Two Sundays ago, on May 15th, protests led by a little-known group called Real Democracy NOW! were organized in a number of Spanish cities under the slogan, “We're not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers.” Turnout was larger than expected throughout the country—50,000 marched in Madrid—and afterwards a group of around 40 people decided to camp out in the city’s iconic Puerta del Sol plaza. On Monday, police used force to disperse the demonstrators, giving the group just the YouTube videos it needed to gain more momentum. Within days, thousands of people were [...]