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M83, "I Need You"

I recently experienced a stunning revelation about the aging process that, as is the case with any worthwhile realization, caused me to fully reevaluate a firmly-held conviction and ultimately made me a wiser, more sympathetic person to all those for whom it has occurred. Anyway, for a long time I was completely convinced that people became "old" when their fear of new developments and technologies outweighed the innate curiosity and excitement we tend to feel when introduced to something of which we have been previously ignorant. In this conception aging is not so much a function of chronology or exhaustion as it is a result of uneasiness or discomfort [...]


M83, "Ali & Matthias"

"People who only like 'Midnight City' are going to be disappointed. Mellow and romantic, this soundtrack pays tribute to French soundtracks from the 70's and is much more intimate than Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming and the Oblivion Soundtrack. This score is really for lovers and ghosts," says the M83 guy, but whatever, this is very pretty and if it disappoints you I am not sure what your problem is. I mean, "Midnight City" is kind of ONE NOTE. Move on, everyone, there's a whole world of other sounds out there for you.


M83, "Claudia Lewis"

If you had bet me back when, say, Before the Dawn Heals Us came out, that M83 would still be a thing now—and a much bigger thing to boot—I would have said, "You are out of your goddamn mind, if that happens you can own my part of the website I plan on starting five years from now," and then sure enough you would have won the bet and I'd be working for you and you'd be all, "Hey dumbass, when you come back from getting me coffee post that new M83 video that Ron Howard's kid directed," and I'd be all, "Right away, ma'am" and I guess the [...]