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Low, "I'm on Fire"

Low covers Bruce Springsteen, 30 years later. Here, from the same upcoming tribute, are Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires with a rendition of "Born in the USA." [Via Stereogum]


There Are Actually Some Great Christmas Songs!

Okay. Just two weeks to go. Everybody's sniffling and coughing and more regularly and severely hungover than usual. And feeling guilty about all the extra baked good they're eating. And too busy with planning and shopping and going to holiday parties to even really enjoy any of it. And it's so cold. (Will winter never end??!! Oh, right it hasn't even started yet.) Worst of all, perhaps, the music. Which, if the world made any sense, we'd only be just starting to hear on the radio and TV commercials and piped into in the aisles of our corporate convenience stores, but instead have already been subjected to for [...]


In Defense Of Boredom

Did you read the excerpts from the forthcoming collection of Susan Sontag's journals in the Times this past weekend? I really liked the part where she said, "Most of the interesting art of our time is boring." I agree with that a lot. I don't know if I'd say "most of," but I like a lot of boring art, and boring things, and often find myself defending the benefits of boredom. (This post could quickly devolve into a semantical discussion of the precise definition of "boredom," but I will elide that. I also liked the part in the article where Sontag said, "I don’t care about someone being intelligent," [...]


Low, "Especially Me" And A Couple Other New Videos

I like this new video for this Low song. But I think it could have been better. Rather than a sped-up video of NYC's bustling subway system, I kinda think a single shot of someone waiting for twenty minutes for the F Train to show up at the East Broadway stop, all frowning and sighing and sweating through his or her clothing, before finally noticing the sign posted on the column down the platform that says service has been cancelled. That's more of what I get from the song. But regardless, it's pretty great. Low are the best.

Another very enjoyable new video is one from Berkeley rapper [...]