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3 Tired TV Tropes & 3 Shows That Toppled Them

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After two or three decades of exposure, watching TV can feel a little bit like going home to visit your family. At first it's comforting to see so many old familiar faces. But… why don't these people ever change? Why are they so rigid and repetitive and tedious? And what makes them think they're remotely interesting, or even marginally entertaining?

On the internets, we refer to these humans as either "stereotypes" [...]


Show Funny

You guys are watching "Louie," right? I was a little concerned at the start of the new season (I thought the first two episodes were kind of shaky) but last week's show (featuring, of all people, former New York City first lady Donna Hanover) finally felt like things had clicked back into groove. And last night's episode with Joan Rivers was AMAZING. If you missed it, do what you can to catch it. Some incredible stuff going on there.


"Louie" in Divorceland, Where a Fun Schlub is a Super-Stud

Second in a pair of essays today on Louis C.K. Previously: The Louie Bubble.

Winter is the season of television discontent. Months remain before the third season of "Louie" and the second season isn’t on DVD yet. I was late to "Louie," but once I started, I couldn’t stop. I spent a summer weekend in a sweaty fugue state in my hotbox of a 6th-floor Brooklyn apartment, unable to move, obsessively watching the entire first season. I got to an episode where his daughters are off with their mother for a week and he goes on a bender of pizza, ice cream and pot, and then I [...]


The "Louie" Bubble: Making Louis C.K. Human-Sized Again

First in a series of two essays today on Louis C.K. Next: Super-Stud in Divorceland.

Let me start with a couple of stipulations:

(1) Identifying bubbles in real-time is notoriously difficult, and;

(2) I really, truly love Louis C.K. I’ve tried (and failed) on multiple occasions to see him live; I’ve watched all of his specials, including some of his weird, almost unrecognizable early appearances in Boston clubs; I’ve even, despite knowing full-well that one should never, ever do this, recounted his routines, through snorts of my own laughter, to my politely smiling friends.

Nonetheless: I’m ready to declare that we are, right now, in [...]