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Murder In Los Angeles

I have one spiritual ritual in my life: every morning I check the Los Angeles Times' Homicide Report blog to learn who was killed in Los Angeles County while I slept.1

The Homicide Report addresses two questions every newspaper covering a major metropolis should answer: who was killed last night, and why? But most newspapers don’t do this because the logic of most newsrooms is that not all murders are sexy, grisly, or surprising enough to be written about. The Homicide Report operates on the inverse principal: Every murder gets a story because murder is inherently worthy of our attention.2

The Homicide report is anchored by a [...]


The Rise and Fall of the L.A. Examiner, a Blog That Was a Newspaper That Never Existed

My office was the living room closet in a huge one-bedroom in a 1920s East Hollywood apartment court, across the street from the big blue Scientology headquarters in the old Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. There were built-in bookshelves and just enough space for a chair and a laptop and an ashtray. The neighbor lady's rescued pit bulls romped outside in the overgrown garden, and that electric L.A. sunlight came filtered through the grimy old French windows to the hardwood floors. It was a very pleasant place to work, my friends lived within walking distance in other cheap apartments in Los Feliz, and I had a bad case of being in [...]


Some Ways That the Egyptian Revolution Could Still Die

It definitely now seems certain that the Egypt protest movement will not be petering out! It also sounds like tomorrow will be a huge, huge day. Yet still there are a couple of ways in which the protest movement there can be destroyed or damaged—and "total state crackdown" is an unlikely one. The state most likely does not have those kind of resources, and the movement has reached a state where state-sponsored violence will be met with resistance.


Local Newspaper Will Now Mail Printed TV Listings To Your House

For just $2.99 a month, the Los Angeles Times will now deliver to your home a weekly 44-page tabloid-format TV news section, the TV Times. What's in it? TV listings, mostly! "24-hour daily grid listings spanning morning, afternoon, primetime and late-night programming, four pages of alphabetized TV/cable/satellite movie listings, a full-page cover story, a TV-related crossword puzzle, episode highlights and synopses, and a dedicated sports programming page." This is it! Someone has finally figured out the business model of the future! Okay, I'm being sarcastic, and that's rude. I hope the ad space makes them money! With the LA Times entertainment site's web traffic down from over 21 million [...]


Los Angeles Times Gets Complaints

Former "Night Court" producer viciously turns on Los Angeles Times! Not only does it have a picture of a scary woman on the front page, it makes him sneeze!


Meet Some Of The Children Who Died In Los Angeles Because The City's Child Protection System Is Broken

Between 2008 and 2011, more than seventy children who passed through the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services have died due to child abuse or neglect. Many of the lives and deaths of these children have been rigorously documented by Los Angeles Times reporter Garrett Therolf and by the paper's invaluable Homicide Report blog.

Spurred at last into action by the death in 2013 of a third-grade boy, Gabriel Fernandez, who was tortured to death by his mother and her boyfriend in Palmdale despite at least six child abuse claims logged against the boy’s mother with DCFS, the Los Angeles County Board [...]


Bay Area Man Keeps Same Media Job For 63 Years

Who says there's no job security in media? Everyone says that, because it's true. But there are inspirational exceptions. Meet 94-year-old San Francisco Chronicle science reporter David Perlman, who cranked out 111 articles last year and continues to work full-time at the paper. He still loves his beat and his desk is in a sunny corner of the Chronicle newsroom, so there's no reason to quit working now.

After all, he said over a burger at a South of Market dive near Chronicle headquarters, "I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do all my life, be a reporter."

He "majored in the Spectator," the Columbia student paper, [...]


LA Times: "Should California Resume Executions? Talk Back, LA!"

"Should California resume executions? Talk Back, LA! What you do think? Share your views below."

"It will sure save money! Posted by: Jim | September 21, 2010 at 08:45 AM"

The good news is that it only gets somewhat worse from there.


The Los Angeles Times

In which we revisit the front page ad that recently adorned the Los Angeles Times.


Whatever Happened To The Camgirls? An Internet History With Tony Pierce

Before Flickr, before Tumblr, before Instagram or Chatroulette or sideboob slideshows on corporate media websites, there was From his East Hollywood bachelor pad at the dawn of the century, Tony combined his own L.A. snapshots with pilfered celebrity photographs, found objects, PG-13 pictures submitted by the camgirls, and freeform essays on his favorite subjects: his bus ride to work, Howard Stern, the Chicago Cubs, 19-year-old girls in their underwear, Charles Bukowski, the Los Angeles Times. Tony went pro as editor of and then blog editor at the Los Angeles Times, where he created and edited iconic blogs such as L.A. Now and Hero Complex. We talked [...]


Los Angeles Rag Afraid of that Coarse Mexican Language

Oh, Mexico! It's "a land so rich in slang and wordplay (much of it salty but freely used) that a newcomer armed with book-learned Spanish might feel he had studied for the wrong test." HAHA RIGHT? UNLIKE FRANCE OR RUSSIA OR CHINA. (Whoops, sorry.) Anyway! Thus begins what is a phenomenally dim little piece in the Los Angeles Times this week. Salty! Freely used! Unlike in New York City or London, where in our fine English language we never speak in slang. (What would that trashy Charles Dickens make of this? Hell, what would Evelyn Waugh say?) Here's the deal: nearly all other Spanish-speaking people hate both Mexican [...]


Loony Little LA-Based Media Outfit Harshes on Obama

Headline: "Obama insists he's devoted to reviving the economy" Deck: "Slipping in the polls, the president uses his eighth news conference to defend his economic agenda and accuse Republican of blocking measures in Congress."

The right-wing press sure is going rough with the spin on Obama today, right? (Complete with copy error, of course. Republicans, you adorable bloggers.) Because they-oh, wait, sorry, that's the front page of the Los Angeles Times website! (The New York Times, by the way, went with "Obama Presses Tax Cuts for Middle Class at News Briefing.")


Covering the (TV) cops.

The story of rookie cop's harrowing first day on the job makes the front page of the Los Angeles Times. You can also catch it tonight on NBC; check your local listings.