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Germans Like Fake Meat

"He goes on about the ersatz food in Germany. He describes 'meat made of pressed rice boiled in mutton fat (and finished off with a fake bone made of wood); tobacco made of dried roots and dried potato peel; shoes soled with wood.' There are, he notes, '837 registered meat substitutes permissible in the production of sausages, 511 registered coffee substitutes.'” —From Dwight Garner's review of Peter Englund's The Beauty and the Sorrow comes an answer as to why the McRib sandwich stays on the menu all year 'round at McDonald's restaurants in Germany: Germans got used to fake bone shapes in their food during the first [...]


Should You Memoir? "Are You Pat Nixon In China?"

"[T]here are good reasons to embark on a memoir: the world and the self collide in a particular way that only you, or mostly you, can narrate; you would like a preemptive grab at controlling the discourse. For instance: Are you Winston Churchill? Are you Nixon in China? Are you Pat Nixon in China? Did you compose Nixon in China? (Its composer, John Adams, has in fact written an engaging memoir.) Are you connected to a fascinating and underexplored chapter in history in any manner whatever? Are you a professional storyteller with a beautiful prose style and some autobiography begging for reportage? Are you a trenchant thinker with incisive [...]