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Someday A Jury Will Read Your Stupid Emails And You Will Feel Shame

In case you needed yet one more reminder, and you do, as any lawyer can tell you, just don't ever put things in email. Yes, we all hate the phone. Yes, it's truly horrible. But do yourself a favor. Save the juicy business for IRL. And also then when you do have a dishy phone conversation—in this case, with Tony Blair—don't then summarize it in… an email. This PSA comes to you from the unlikely source of one James Murdoch. If you're still somehow following the News of the World hacking trials and tribulations, which have been going on for what seems like several lifetimes, you can stop [...]


Elena "Shorty" Kagan To Get Own Supreme Court "Confirmation Mess"

If anyone is prepared for a confirmation hearing, it's thoroughly actually heterosexual man-loving Elena Kagan, former Harvard Law School dean and current U.S. Solicitor General. Not only has she thought quite a bit on what a confirmation hearing should reveal, she's no stranger to the political process, having been shut out of a confirmation hearing entirely after Clinton nominated her to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. But believe it, this process will be excruciating. You thought the Goldman Sachs hearings down in D.C. were mad political grandstanding? You ain't seen nothing yet! And while her confirmation process as Solicitor General was quite boring-she [...]