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Chvrches, "Team"

I am probably too old to admit that I appreciate Chvrches, Lorde or Chvrches covering Lorde, but I have to figure there are some of you out there who are age-appropriate enough to proclaim your enjoyment, so this is for you. [Via]


What It's Like To Interview Lorde

People are always saying things on the Internet all the time. But they are such teases. We like details. So we have to ask.

Interviewing @lordemusic over dinner, I suggested sharing truffle pizza. Her reply: "Then you'll write about it like Lynn Hirschberg!"

— Jonah Weiner (@jonahweiner) October 11, 2013

Jonah! So what happened here?

Rolling Stone asked me to write a short profile of Lorde, a young musician from New Zealand whose single “Royals” has been the number-one song in America for three weeks now. This was just the other week. She was in Los Angeles to tape a performance of “Royals” for Ellen, [...]


What Happened: Lorde, "SNL," The Shutdown, A Facebook Status, This Charming Backpack

Sharon Curts’ Facebook status claiming she has “OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder” Sure it’s barely October and sure thirty thousand fake-friends of mine would designate this passing acquaintance as “basic” and fifteen north of Sac might even say “hella basic bruh” but in between the IDGAF and the “post as anonymous” and the blue-white silent screams of “this over that” I can’t help but mirth the fuck up and cinnamon my bristle to calm the cuss in my mouth and say Sharon if you love Christmas that much that you’re getting hard three months out then praise be to your heart and your love wherever it may fall and fall [...]