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A Really Good Reason to Buy "The Metamorphosis" Other Than It Being "The Metamorphosis"

"I woke up one morning recently to discover I was a seventy-year-old man…." —David Cronenberg's intro to a new translation of The Metamorphosis.

Be sure to leave this book around everywhere/wave it at people/flaunt it on the subway because A. this cover is amazing and B. everyone will think that you think you're really smart. And, if you get bored, you can read it! It’s good! Also, David Cronenberg!


How Your Texting-While-Sexing Sausage Gets Made

The wire-service headline: "US Internet users staying connected during sex: study." (Lede: "Computer security firm PC Tools late Wednesday released a study showing that nearly a quarter of US residents think it is fine to be 'plugged in' to the Internet during sex.") The official release touting the poll: "More Americans believe it is acceptable to be 'plugged in' while honeymooning (29%) than during a wedding (6%) or a religious service (8%)"; a find-and-replace on the term "sex" only finds the word buried in the boring bit about the poll's methodology. Whew! (For now, at least.)