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If You're Not Watching "Party Down" You Can't Be My Friend

Lizzy Caplan, the talented and hysterical actress whose breasts have been the subject of story and song, did Jimmy Kimmel's show last night and was absolutely charming. She also made some sad remarks about how poorly her series "Party Down" is doing in the ratings, noting that very few people are even aware of it. To which I say: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Do they realize they are missing THE FUNNIEST SHOW ON TV? Why are they not WATCHING "PARTY DOWN"? Do whatever needs doing to see it. Don't get Starz? Find a friend with Netflix. There are two episodes left-the season finale is next Friday-and it seems [...]


Watch "Party Down"

If you have not seen the Starz catering comedy "Party Down" I implore you to watch the first season on DVD (Netflix has it) before the show starts up again on April 23. It was absolutely the funniest new show of 2009, and I say this as someone who really enjoyed "Eastbound and Down." Kristen Bell's guest spot in the finale alone made the whole thing worth viewing. I've seen a few advance episodes for the next series and it looks like it's going to be just as good, even if it does seem slightly darker. (I was dubious about Megan Mullally as a replacement for Jane Lynch and Jennifer [...]