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The Girl With The YOLO Tattoo

It was Christmas Day, my last day in Thailand, and I was looking for something to make my trip extra special. I roamed the streets of Chiang Mai, listening to Drake’s “The Motto” on my iPod, and I thought about how great those last few weeks had been, and how great the last few months had been in general. After four years on and off in New York City, I had made the decision to move to South Korea to teach English. Making the decision had been rough, and I had a hard time coming to terms with leaving the city. Brunches on Saturdays, partying in the evenings, smoking [...]


Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" Is A Song-By-Response To Rush's "Signals"

Yesterday, while researching music videos for a post I'd planned to call "Happy RUSH Hashanah" (because, y'know, hilarious), I came across something much more interesting. You've watched The Wilderness Downtown, the interactive multimedia project Arcade Fire made as a video for their song "We Used to Wait." (If not, you should. It's very cool.) But having watched it, and then watching the video for Rush's "Subdivisions," I was struck by the similarities.


Liz Phair, The Clean Version

Finally, a set of family-friendly lyrics for the Liz Phair oldie "Flower." Now everyone can enjoy it!


An Incredibly Long Conversation With Tim Rutili Of Califone

If you don’t like reading interviews about musical performers taking mushrooms, washing meat out of semi trucks, and about biblical figure Moses creaming his robe, Billy Corgan’s friends, Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock’s jaw, or first girlfriends dying way, way too soon, then just don’t click on this, or touch it or however you were planning on interacting with this, just stop.

If you like Califone, you know that their new record Stitches is very good, and you love how the music they make is an amalgamation of organic, folksy-type string instrumentation combined with technology (and by technology, I mean broken, misused/abused technology or often just the sound of electronic [...]


"Look, Internet — I've Set Myself On Fire": On Liz Phair's "Funstyle"

Over the weekend, Liz Phair had a surprise: 11 new tracks, collected under the title Funstyle, available for purchase at her official site. This release was surprising for reasons that went far beyond its semi-stealth timing! Seth Colter Walls and I decided to figure out "the deal."

Maura: OK, I am ready!

Seth: Well if you "are ready" to talk about this then you are ahead of 99% of the people who have listened to this record from Liz Phair, called Funstyle.

Maura: Hahahaha.

Seth: Maura — why did this happen?

Maura: I think I might be one of the few people who doesn't see Funstyle as a total [...]


How the Indie Have Fallen

A press release received today at Awl HQ:

An eclectic crew of models (Maryna Linchuk/Catherine McNeil/Chanel Iman), billionaires (Ron Burkle), and hip hop couple (Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupree) joined DJ Vibe and DJ Sal Morale Friday night at Mr. West to celebrate Liz Phair's 42nd birthday!

We really hope Burkle doesn't fuck and run. Or that she lets him lick her whitechocolatespaceegg. Or … okay, we'll stop now. Because, ew.

Unpaid Photoshop internship available! Contact the editors for more information!


Liz Phair on Keith Richards

"If Keith weren’t such a brilliant character, the reader might weary of his hypocrisy. But the truth is, he’s hilarious. I got tired of jotting 'hahahaha' and 'LOL' in the margins." —Liz Phair reviews Keith Richards' Life.


Selected Liz Phair Songs, Presented in Order of Ratio of Elation to Despair

34 "Whatever Makes You Happy"

33 "Nashville"

32 "Ride"

31 "Headache"

30 "Polyester Bride"