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Frank Ocean, "Forrest Gump"

"Be clear. Frank Ocean, as part of a hip hop collective (Odd Future), will go down in history as the most high profile hip hop/R&B artist to go public with their homosexuality or bi-sexuality. In the same year that President Obama publicly supports gay marriage, and Anderson Cooper comes out of the closet, it will be really interesting to see how one of the more openly homophobic subcultures reacts to Frank’s honesty. Is his audience younger and more open-minded so it won’t phase them? Will other long-rumored gay, lesbian, or bisexual hip hop stars be inspired to make their own statements? Ironically, Frank’s crew has put out some really [...]


Big Boi Performs "Shutterbugg" On Jay Leno

Big Boi went on Jay Leno last night to perform "Shutterbugg" from the dynamite new Sir Luscious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty album. Leno was smiling when he introduced him, but he's going to be pissed when NBC gives Big Boi his job.


Bun B And DJ Premier Perform "Let Em Know" Live

There were differing opinions about this song when it came out last year. And it's always a technical challenge to get rap to sound good live. But I think these two old pros came off pretty sharp last night at New York's Highline Ballroom. (Judging from this video, I mean. I wasn't there.) They were guests of the headliners, the underground supergroup Slaughterhouse, who recently signed with Eminem's Shady Records.


New Old Video Footage: Jeff Mangum, "Two Headed Boy"

So, you know Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum reappeared last year, after going underground for a decade after making what some people believe (what this person believes) is one of the ten-or-twenty-or-so greatest albums of all time, ever, by anyone. The reappearance was brief. And there's been no new music. But Merge Records recently rereleased In the Aeroplane Over the Sea as well as the band's other, slightly less perfect album, On Avery Island. And also, in celebration, a pair of video clips of Mangum playing solo at the Knitting Factory in 1998. The footage is, umm, intense. He is like a cross between John Fogerty in [...]


Bruce Springsteen And The E-Street Band And The Roots, "Because The Night"

Bruce Springsteen appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show last night, and played "Because the Night" with who-woulda-thunk-it backing from a supergroup combo of the E-Street Band the Roots.